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Latest Ghost Stories

Gettysburg National Battlefield & Historic Shrine. Knight Time Paranormal NAME OF INVESTIGATORS: Dan C. (Lead Investigator). Mike S. (Lead Investigator). Preston R. (Cameras). Olivia S. (Photography). Austin M. (A/V Tech). LOCATION: Gettysburg National Battlefield & Historic Shrine. DATE AND TIME:...
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NIGHT VISITOR For years now I have felt an unsettling feeling before going to sleep. I have had many encounters with apparitions, but this time was completely different than the other nights had...
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THE WEEPING WOMAN These stories take place in Mexico, where all my family hails from.  In Latin America, there is a legend of a spirit known as 'La Llorona' [the weeping woman in English]...
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TUDOR HALL VISITORS? Hello everyone, my partner and I rent an apartment that was once a Tudor mansion that is full of character and beautiful scenery and architecture.  Since moving here, we have witnessed...
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DEMON AT HELL'S GATE - BOBBY MACKEY'S MUSIC WORLD Hello Ghostsstory.com, it's Dan from Knight Time Paranormal, and I have a very intense paranormal story to share with you.  There's a place in Wilder, Kentucky called Bobby Mackey's Music World...

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The Signs, Symptoms and Types of Haunting Activity
Have you ever been all alone at home and then suddenly heard someone call your name though you know no one is around? Have you ever seen a shadow from a skewed angle of your eye, but when you turn, t...
Highway Sheila Terror
This is a true story about Highway Sheila. Where I'm from everyone knows about Highway Sheila. Some people even say they knew her,she was a vibrant lady full of laughter and joy and she was loving an...
Top 6 Most Haunted Universities in the Philippines
*Its a month due I know. just got a hectic schedule from work...sorry bout that...anyway here goes my collate informations from a series of Universities here in the Philippines. Enjoy!* Ateneo De Man...
The Truth and Dangers of Ouija Boards
Real Paranormal Experiences
This is a real true personal experience. It may sound fake or far fetched, but I assure you its 100% real.  Edited: Jan, 11, 2012. The Truth and Dangers of Ouija Boards Growing up in a...