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We're a website dedicated to sharing true ghost stories, real ghost photos, scary paranormal videos and other paranormal experiences.

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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences
Like most kids growing up, I had a bedtime and had to be in bed by eight thirty and in some cases if I behaved good, at nine. I was around six or seven years old when this happened and it was bedtime already. I remember not being sleepy and just listening to...

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences
A bit of history, The place I was staying at in QLD had an old Aboriginal live in it for years. He was said to be a drunk and A nasty man, He died in the house. To state a fact, I am NOT known to have Sleep Paralysis in any...
Tagged in: bed E V Short Entry

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences
This story is in the same town as ( The visitor in my Room )( The Goon we called it, A small out of the way town with A lot of Secrets ). To start with ( I STATE, WE WERE SO VERY LUCKY ). When I was in about grade...
Tagged in: E V scratches

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences
I was not in my teens yet, I'm not sure how old I was, maybe 11-12 years old. My parents had split up when I was young, It was my time to stay with Dad which I had no problem with.  My Dad has his moments but we get along. I was staying with my Dad in an old farm house...
Tagged in: being watched E V

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences
Something felt odd all day, As I was replying to story's on another site, I felt I was being watched, but not the way I normally feel it, I feel that all the time. My PC was crashing in between replies, I had to rewrite things it was getting annoying, The lights...
Tagged in: dark entity E V voice


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