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Recent blog posts
Not too long ago my cat Ollie passed away. I've always kept his collar in my pillow so i could hear his bell ring once more. Recently some things have been happening.About two weeks ago a familiar scent lingered in my room, the smell of Ollies fur. It was only smelt...
Tagged in: cat Shadow
Faceless (Excerpt from my book "Clairvoyant: A Chronicle of Paranormal Events" on Amazon for under $5). A year had passed and my family had once again moved a couple more times, eventually we ended up in a different part of Cincinnati that was once again close to downtown.   This part of the...
It all started at our old complex.The first sign was that we went through light-bulbs like crazy. My brother, "Willie" was living with us at the time. Anyway, he would always play video games in the living room and I was asleep with all three kids. Willie said he heard some...
My family and I lived in a property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town of Bargoed in the South Wales valleys throughout the 1970's. They were my mataernal grandparents of my mother as my father left us when I was just two years old. My mother said it started...
Why Traverse City State Hospital Is Still One Of The Creepiest Haunted Sites In Michigan: The name Traverse City State Hospital will be well-known to the locals in the town that are more than aware of its imposing grandeur and history to those interested in the creepiest, most haunted sites in...

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Highway Sheila Terror
  This is a true story about Highway Sheila. Where I'm from everyone knows about Highway Sheila. Some people even say they knew her,she was a vibrant lady full of laughter and joy and she was l...
Getting Rid of Unwanted Spirits from your Home
This is a VERY LONG Article but well worth the read for it will EMPOWER you: This article will explains what spirits are, which spirits are harmful to us, why some attach themselves and how to properl...
Top 6 Most Haunted Universities in the Philippines
*Its a month due I know. just got a hectic schedule from work...sorry bout that...anyway here goes my collate informations from a series of Universities here in the Philippines. Enjoy!* Ateneo De Man...
Devil's Footprints of Devon
During a heavy snowfall in 1855, a set of footprints appeared in Southern Devon that have mystified people ever since. According to reports taken at that time, the footprints covered over a hundred mi...
The Signs, Symptoms and Types of Haunting Activity
Have you ever been all alone at home and then suddenly heard someone call your name though you know no one is around? Have you ever seen a shadow from a skewed angle of your eye, but when you turn, t...
Thanks for sharing, Sophie. Oddly enough, last January, a few days after my cat passed on, I had seen a strange, dark mass the size of my cat out of the corner of my eye. It floated to, then went thro...
Thomas H
Awe I have experienced all of these phenomenon throughout my life. I just always thought it was something wrong with me or in my head. Its feels good to know I am not alone though. Thanks for the arti...
James ward
I'm not dead just been doing some marine corps basic training I quit after 1 1/2 week lol.
Interesting. I hope it's just him. Could be a past patron too though, possibly. Have you ever tried to capture any EVPs?