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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences
When I was 10 years old I saw God! Beautiful white light it had paralyzed me with its beauty and warmth... None like on this earth. A voice told me not to tell anyone...no one would believe me. After that experience I went to a priest and he told me I had a very strong imagination. The voice was right!!! Ever since that time I can see spirits in gray forms and they speak to me in my head! It's like having thoughts...

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences
My girlfriend at the time and now wife's grandmother died in December of 1996. She was in her middle 70's and had suffered from Alzheimers for years. She and my girlfriend were very close, as she was her oldest grand daughter. We went to the funeral then came back to my parents house to spend the night. We went to bed and tried falling asleep. I was lying flat on my back in the middle of the bed, while my girlfriend...

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences
When I was younger, I use to see shadows in my room. I've always been curious to what was happening. I use to see a little girl in the corner of my room, and she would have her hair cover her face. Every night it happened, until I got to a certain age. She would always put her face down in her knees, like holding and hiding herself but I could see her just in black form. Also on my brothers bed...
You just bought a new house and you are experiencing weird activity. You begin to feel freaked out and are starting to think that you house is haunted. You need to find more information about what is going on, however, you are unsure where to start. Well you are in luck...we are going to give you a few tips to uncover information of the new location you reside at.One of the first places to begin searching is the history of the...
So, I don't really believe in spirits & all that but maybe a few of you do. I have no actual proof of what actually happened, but I know that it had to be somewhat true because my dad never lies to me & he knows that I don't like to be pranked so... Anyways, my dad & I ran over this subject one day about Ouija Boards, I never knew he actually used one, cause my dad is terrified of...
Denise Pridemore
The Pickman's were only renters, they never owned the the house. The facts are really important to me. I do recommend Debra's book, it is very good and an easy read.
Kim Norman
I have a question. Is there a way to mark post that I like and want to keep track of to refer to at a later time? Also, there are several are several stories that I would like to share with my fri...
Nikki King
Hi Stephanie, I'm sorry to hear you are suffering. That sounds awful. Can you give me your email so I can msg you direct? Nikki
I've had a very similar experience. I was at my grandmothers house and I had a shadow looking over me outside the window, but when I looked out it was still a shadow.

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