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Welcome to Ghostsstory.com!

We're a website dedicated to sharing true ghost stories, real ghost photos, scary paranormal videos and other paranormal experiences.

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Latest Ghost Stories

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21ST CENTURY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR WOMEN Thе talk of Halloween аnd Halloween idеаѕ аlwауѕ сrеерѕ in during thiѕ timе of the year. Yоu bеgin hаving many "light bulb" moments whеn it comes tо ѕеtting up рrорѕ fоr thе trick-or-treaters, creating costumes, оr еvеn dесiding оn whеthеr tо go with a fantasy соѕtumе оr whаt nоt.  Whаt iѕ ѕuрроѕеd tо bе a ееriе, hаir-rаiѕing occasion hеld thе night before the dеаd hаѕ lost its оld соnnоtаtiоn. In today's timе, еvеn thе triсk or treat сеlеbrаtiоn fоr children have bееn еxtеndеd to аdultѕ. Wоmеn who lоvе аll ѕоrtѕ of раrtiеѕ аnd сеlеbrаtiоnѕ аrе vеrу muсh intо it; there аrе...

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Once a year we join together and celebrate a night full of tricks and treats on October 31st. A night that we get as excited as our children to spook our neighbors. One of the best ways to kick off by celebrating this holiday is by decorating a pumpkin. Halloween pumpkin craft ideas are always a party favorite and a good time spent with our children. I remember being a little boy. My father and I would go to the local pumpkin patch and pick out the best pumpkin that we could find. Once we returned home we would use markers...
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STORIES SUBMITTED FROM SEPT. 2ND THROUGH SEPT 25TH HAVE BEEN ADDED! Hello Fans! Ghost stories submitted to Ghostsstory.com between September 2nd and September 25th are now listed on the site! If you submitted any of these experiences, congratulations and thank you! The following stories have been accepted: BEING FORCED UPON AND THREATENED BY GHOSTS http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/being-forced-upon-and-threatened-by-ghosts.html SHADOW FIGURES THAT FOLLOW ME http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/shadow-figures-that-follow-me.html THAT’S MY DRESS http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/that-s-my-dress.html THE TRUE HAUNTING OF THE HOUSE ON THE CORNER http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/the-true-haunting-of-the-house-on-the-corner.html THE PARANORMAL PATRIARCH: SHADOW EYES http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/the-paranormal-patriarch-shadow-eyes.html THE BEINGS OF THE PARANORMAL PATRIARCH: SHADOW EYES http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/the-beings-of-the-paranormal-patriarch-shadow-eyes.html CRITTER IN MOM’S ROOM http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/critter-in-mom-s-room.html THE SPIRITS THAT PASS THROUGH http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/the-spirits-that-pass-through.html MY LIFE STORY OF DEATH http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/my-life-story-of-death.html DARK SILHOUETTE OF A MAN http://ghostsstory.com/EasyBlog/dark-silhouette-of-a-man.html I...
I'm a 52 year old woman from Chicago and I have experienced paranormal things ALL of my life so far. The strangest to date was when my father passed away very suddenly in 1981, when I was 18. We had lived in this Chicago home for 2 years and had NO type of activity whatsoever. Just 2 weeks after he passed, that's when things got crazy. My sister and I would hear him walking up and down the gangway on the side of the house, look out the window, but nobody was there. We both knew the sound and timing of...
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This has been happening for over 1 year now. At first, it was very dangerous, a being showed itself and it was over 8 feet tall. That one is gone now. I had a drug addiction…I am sure that is where this one came from. Now I see a shadow man standing at the foot of by bed attacking me. I have seen him enter through my bedroom window. I saw him leave last night through the top of my closet. He has scratched me and I also her him calling my name, but it sounds like my Mom’s voice. I...
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