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Lives in Rices Landing, Pennsylvania United States · 29 years old

When I was 22, my brother and I went on a road trip to a friend's house in North Carolina. Along the way we stopped at a half dozen or so different "haunts" as we drove there. We didn't see anything a...

I spent the greater part of my teenage years in north memphis, TN., being raised by my dad in his tiny 2 bedroom apt. The living room was as wide as a rich persons closet. It was very cramped but neve...
Topics: haunted

A year ago my roommate (lets call Him James, to protect his privacy), my husband, our two dogs, and myself moved into a new rental property. James found the house and a week after signing the papers w...
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Joshua Fink

For the story to be understood I will detail the events leading up to it. If you don't want to read my sob story and just want to read about the creepy stuff scroll down.October 25th of 2013 was one o...