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to share your paranormal-experiences with the world! is a paranormal Social-Community created in June 2009 by Sean Foster (Administrator here at Ghostsstory). I created the site with the goal of bringing members & visitors together via an intuitive, fun and easy to use method of communication with other people and myself that share similar-experiences. After experiencing a very paranormal-event in 1996, I knew what I witnessed would never be scientifically-explained.

At the time, this particular-experience made no sense, and scared the hell out of me. Now, with hindsight, I'm more intrigued and curious as to what or more so, HOW what I seen is/was possible. Since that evening, my passion for the paranormal has grown and grown. Even if I can't prove my experience...I know with 100% certainty that there is a world that awaits each and everyone of us after we leave the world we're all apart of now.

Ghostsstory strives to be THE BEST paranormal-database available online for ghost stories, videos, photos, events, groups and so much more. We offer tons of features not seen anywhere else. I welcome each and everyone of you reading this to submit your experiences here so that the rest of the world has a chance to share in your experiences! I hope to see you around! Sean -Administrator