Advertising on is a great way to reach a highly-engaging audience. If you run a paranormal, Gothic, scary, Halloween or dark themed business, blog/website, you’ll be reaching out to new, potential clientele.

Ghostsstory hosts thousands of unique-visitors each month. Traffic statistics are available upon request.

All payments will be sent/received via Paypal.

  • Option 1:
    *Site-wide Sidebar "Our Friends" text-link runs for 31 days at $75 .

  • Option 2:
    *Site-wide text/banner ad runs for 31 days at $125. (300x250 or 468x60 recommended ad size). Ads will be displayed under the navigation bar (Breadcrumbs).

  • Option 3:
    *Custom Order: Use the form below.

  • Option 4:
    October Special: Sidebar "Our Friends" text-link for 6 months at $350.

Upon clicking the "Send Form" button below, you'll be E-mailed our confirmation that also contains further information and our payment links for each option above.

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