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The Ghost of Toby

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Infinity describes her experience with “Toby” the ghost of a friends friend. Eventually, Toby becomes her life-guardian for years. A great, thought-provoking little read. Read the full story about The Ghost of Toby.

The Haunted Human

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In this very intriguing story, Julie explains her take on being haunted but with a twist. It’s not where she lives that’s haunted, it’s herself  and a stranger sharing the same spirit! Eventually, due the persistence of the ghost haunting them and their dreams they meet in real life. Well worth the Read.

All about Hauntings – Signs,Symptoms and Types

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You’re at home alone one night and out of nowhere, you hear a sudden knock, footsteps or a strange sound from an undisclosed location within your house. What is it? Could be some type of unknown force haunting your place? The following article is a great start at learning about the various types of a haunting as well as their signs/symptoms.


Ghost Hunting Equipment Explained

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In the following article, I attempt to explain some of the more common methods to hunt, find and contact unknown entities. This is a great read if you’re new to “ghost hunting”.  Some of the equipment listed is pretty basic but a must if you’d like to have the most success out of a hunt. Full article

Understanding Paranormal Activity

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This article describes the  history of paranormal activity in roughly 1000 words.  It’s an interesting article that connects paranormal activity to religion, science and that in which we humans don’t quite fully understand yet.  Read the full article at Ghostsstory.

Henryton State Hospital a great Haunted Destination

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In Patapsco Valley State Park around the Eldersburg region of Maryland sits Henryton State Hospital;  Known for its historical hauntings, this abandoned institution holds great interest to many paranormal investigators.  Read The Full article below:


The Haunted Henryton State Hospital


Prop Room Ghost

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KuchumaKik tells the story of his experience with a ghost in the prop-room of his haunted elementary school.


“I glanced past her shoulder, only to catch sight of a person walking from the front prop room towards the catwalk.”


The full experience.

Spirit of Fatal Car Crash Victim; A Supernatural Occurence?

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The video attached to this post appeared on Unsolved Mysteries in 1997 regarding a supernatural occurrence . A women, (Christine Skubish) and her son, Nick travel a long, desolate stretch of Highway 50, when it’s believed that at some point Christine fell asleep at the wheel. The vehicle went over an embankment.

5 days after the accident Deborah Hoyt and her husband happened to be traveling the same stretch of road where Skubish crashed. Deborah stated that she had seen a naked Christine on her side next to the road as they drove by. Once the Skubish’s car was discovered (near where Deborah had reported the body), Christine was fully clothed and believed to be killed on impact. Nick Skubish survived.  Could this be the final act of a mother’s spirit looking out for the safety of her son?

Ghost in the House

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Tuesday had submitted this eerie photo of what appears to be a figure of a man sitting in a chair? Interesting.