Spirit of Fatal Car Crash Victim; A Supernatural Occurence?

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The video attached to this post appeared on Unsolved Mysteries in 1997 regarding a supernatural occurrence . A women, (Christine Skubish) and her son, Nick travel a long, desolate stretch of Highway 50, when it’s believed that at some point Christine fell asleep at the wheel. The vehicle went over an embankment.

5 days after the accident Deborah Hoyt and her husband happened to be traveling the same stretch of road where Skubish crashed. Deborah stated that she had seen a naked Christine on her side next to the road as they drove by. Once the Skubish’s car was discovered (near where Deborah had reported the body), Christine was fully clothed and believed to be killed on impact. Nick¬†Skubish survived.¬† Could this be the final act of a mother’s spirit looking out for the safety of her son?