Just Recently

Just Recently

While I was editing a few pictures that I had captured last year in 2010, I could feel someone watching from outside the corridor of my home. Normally, I'm online from Midnight until morning.

I never close the door or window 'till morning (Singapore time), usually I'm just waiting on my Mum to get home from work( she works night shift). While I was sitting in the living room, with the television on to create some background noise, I heard my dog barking and growling.

This was around 3 AM. I just ignore it because maybe the dog sees something out there as a dog usually does. Since I moved out of my Mum's house, I never heard my dog barking in such a creepy manner. Well, I guess nothing happened this time. 

So I continued editing my picture, I glanced and saw a white figure from the kitchen pass through to my Mum's room, I  still don't know if I still can see spirits and etc or if it's just my imagination...I ignore what I've seen and make myself comfortable and watch some television while multi-tasking.

I could still hear my dog barking. It's so annoying! My eyes keep looking around, because I thought I was home alone? I stop editing my photo for a while to rest my eyes.

I can feel someone watching from outside my house (through the window pane). I keep on looking at it but nothing happened nor could I see anything. I'm still waiting on my Mum to get home. About an hour later, the dog barking seems so far away from my home (flat house, level 9). 

I turn around and look up at my cat (Honey) she's standing in the middle of kitchen and starring at the window pane, I call her to come to me but she seems to focus more on starring out the gate (corridor) I don't know what she sees, but it's something I can't.

The dog barking still can be heard but still sounds distant and creepy. I decided to take my glasses and my mobile along to where I thought maybe a ghost might be to try to capture something.

I smoke outside the corridor and stand there for awhile, I glance to the next block, I saw a black figure next to the lift(there is a staircase), in just a few seconds it vanished...I try to snap a picture, but I see nothing in the picture. What could it be?

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