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Spirit Raped Me Part 2

Posted by on in Real Paranormal Experiences

Hey guys! I don't know if you read my 1st post about a spirit raping me posted about 1-2 months ago. Well guess what?! It happened again! Last night I was sleeping on my bed then I felt someone or something pushing me against the bed.

I couldn't move a thing or even scream. I tried to force my eyes open so I can see and luckily I was able to open just one eye. It felt like its was preventing me from seeing it. Last time this happened, I wasn't able to open my eyes.

So when my left eye had opened, I didn't see a thing. 

All I saw was my window, curtain and light outside on the street. Maybe this was a demon? Coz if it was , it wouldn't have been pitched black and I wouldn't be able to see my window and curtain.

Maybe it's a clear good spirit...I don't know! So anyways, it was pushing me against the bed and this time it touched my right breast. Last time it was the left breast. It was squeezing or pressuring it hard.

It lasted like 1 min then it stopped. I went back to sleep. Few min later, it happened again! This time I was like let me do a prayer. 

I tried to do the sign of the cross but it wouldn't let me . So I just started praying "Our Father...." By the time I got to Holy Mary it stopped and then i heard cling on my bedroom doorknob as if it left my bedroom in a rush.

The cling sound sounded like someone had tapped it with their finger or if it had something metal on them and just passed my the doorknob really quickly and hit it. I had my cell phone on and I took pictures but of course I saw nothing.

It probably had left my room. If I only could take a picture while I was pushed against the bed but I couldn't move at all! Can someone pls tell me what this means? Why do I keep having the same dream /nightmare?

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People in this conversation

  • christle

    For the last few years I have been visited and violated by someone, ever since my cat died and never left I experience other entities no matter where I live one of which who likes being intimate. I know its the same man because everytime I smell this sour stench that almost makes me ill. Its almost like he has been progressing more and more over the years first just kissing me and touching me in uncomfortable places to now trying to complete the act, I can never move or speak until the last time when I was able to yell out STOP NO! He hasnt been back since but its only been a couple months and thats usually about the time span. I often wonder who he is and where he came from, I wonder if he is moving from person to person until he circles back to me.

  • katie

    Sleep paralysis

  • Diva

    Sorry ...yeah there might be spririts/ghosts about...but being raped by one?? You sure you werent high on something!!! Come on ...really!!!...maybe go out and get some hahaha youre probably dreaming about sex because youre not actually having it.....sigh.....a ghost?? ;)OMG what next!! And Ive seen that movie where the woman gets raped by a demon ghost but ...its just a movie!!:D:D

  • hope

    this has sort of happened to me so i know what you mean, i have bruses all over my arms and some on my back.:(

  • hope

    Hi Hope. If you'd like to share your experiences, you can do so, here: http://ghostsstory.com/blog/submit-a-story.html

    You can be completely anonymous too if you'd like!

    Thanks for the comment. :)



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