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Do you believe in Angels? by sandy
A few years ago, I will say around 1997, 2 years after I lost my baby girl Sandrita, I was still very depressed....Even after I had the experience...
Posted on: March 8, 2011
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3 nights ago my daughter Kathy was coloring a drawing in the family room. It was almost 11:00 pm, I was with my son Joshua in his bedroom. My youngest daughter borrow my cellphone and I told her that I wanted back at 11:00 pm.

Around 11:00 Katie brought my cellphone and told me that Kathy was calling me and texting too.
when I look at the text she said for me to go overthere because she was scared,
she heard a little girl voice saying her name Kathy behind her and she was to scared to turn around and that she was getting chills down her back, It took me a while to go to her because I did not have my cellphone with me,she was begging me to go to her in the family room ,she was frozen in fear,she was too scare to move or look behind her and I don't blame her, I think I will feel the same way.
and the last text message she has send me ,please come here,for the love of GOD,
get yourself over here I'M terrified.
I finally went overthere and she went to her bedroom and I turn all the lights off, I don't know but for some reason my house feel creepy and stay very cold no matter if the heater is on or is hot outside.
Topics: ghost
  • March 4, 2012
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