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Listed below, you'll find information on every feature available at Ghostsstory. If you're confused about something, trying starting with this FAQ to find your answer.

FAQ General

Getting Started at A Short-Introduction.

There are a lot of features available at our community. It can be confusing for new and even veteran-members! We recommend reading this FAQ in its entirety before getting started with Ghostsstory.

Complete this FAQ-section and you'll have greater-knowledge and understanding with the features offered. If you have questions, they may be answered here. If you can't find an answer to your questions, please utilize our Feedback-section of the site here: feedback-section is a paranormal Social-Community created in June 2009 by Sean Foster (Administrator here at Ghostsstory). This site had been created with the goal of bringing members & visitors together via an intuitive, fun and easy to use method of communication with other people that can share similar-experiences. After experiencing a very paranormal-event in 1996, I knew what I witnessed would never be scientifically-explained. At the time, this particular-experience made no sense, and scared the hell out of me.

Now, with hindsight, I'm more intrigued and curious as to what or more so, HOW what I seen is/was possible. Since that evening, my passion for the paranormal has grown and grown. Even if I can't prove my experience...I know with 100% certainty that there is a world that awaits each and everyone of us after we leave the world we're all apart of now.

Ghostsstory strives to be THE BEST paranormal-database available online for ghost stories, videos, photos, events, groups and so much more. We offer tons of features not seen anywhere else. I welcome each and everyone of you reading this to submit your experiences here so that the rest of the world has a chance to share in your experiences! I hope to see you around!

Got Content to Share?
Great! First, create an account, then once at the members-dashboard, under the "Add, Share and Upload" Heading (top-left under the main-menu), click the link that your content relates to. Be sure to finish reading this FAQ first though!
What Can be Shared?

Anything that is YOUR property, that YOU own the rights to and that's related to the theme of Ghostsstory. Do not upload others work as your own, this also includes text.

Do not copy/paste text from other websites. You can completely re-write the article in your own words and cite their website, book or whatever else as a reference. Do know that blatant-plagiarism is not nor will not be tolerated.

Copyright Infringement is serious-business and will lead to content and/or account-deletion and/or banning of your IP. You agreed to all these rules upon signing up. If the blog, any type of text, quiz, poll, event, page(group) is of your creation...feel free to share it with us.

The one exception is the sharing of videos. Currently we only allow sharing of videos via other-websites...Youtube for instance.

You're allowed to freely share any video related to our theme that you find on any of our supported websites. We allow the sharing of videos from over 100-websites. You can find the list to all of the sites we support in the share video page upon logging in.

Site Features?

You'll have the ability to share-videos, upload-photos and write-blogs. You'll be able to create your own events, pages, quizzes, polls and marketplace-listings. You can participate in our forum. You can even give and receive votes on content.

We run contests periodically that grant winning member(s) premium-memberships with special-permissions. You can find out more about Voting and memberships further into this FAQ. Most importantly, you'll get the chance to make friends with other people interested in the paranormal. You can find out more about each feature and section available by reading further through this FAQ area.

Prohibited Content

Consists of pornography, extremely-violent-content(snuff), things completely unrelated to the paranormal unless posted in the proper category; If there's not a category for off the wall stuff, don't submit it.

For instance: It's safe to say no one wants to see pictures of your pets, cars, cow, water-bottle(unless it's somehow related to the paranormal and you explain why).

Terms and Privacy

You can view the site-terms here and our privacy policy here.

FAQ Achievements

What are Achievements?

Achievements are awarded to members automatically upon completion of each achievement-milestone. Progress of each Achievement can be tracked via the Achievements page once logged in.

Each achievement also rewards the member with a certain number of activity-points.(Activity points are explained later in the FAQ). Currently, Achievements and activity-points are given out after had reaching the threshold for blogs and comments; More categories are planned for a later date however.

A member can view site-wide Recent-Achievements via logging into the site and viewing the dashboard. A member's Top-Achievements and general-Achievements can be viewed via their profile-page, currently in the left-hand column.

FAQ Activity Points

Activity Points Explained

Activity Points are given to members for performing certain actions around the site; For instance: If you submit a blog, you'll receive 2 activity points. Activity points are currently used for ranking purposes in the Statistics section.


You can view the activity points you had obtained for each category, via the "Activity Points" link at the Dashboard page, once logged in. This area looks like this:

Activity Points Dashboard

Just click the "Activity Points" link to see a drop-down list of all the points you've earned.

Performing the following actions will credit your account with activity points:

    Points received when adding a new attachment for an item, such as an image for a blog: 1 point.
    Points received when adding a new blog: 2 points.
    Adding a comment: 1 point.
    Adding a new forum thread or post in reply to a thread: 1 point.
    Inviting someone to the site with success: 3 points.
    Uploading an image: 1 point.
    Creating a new poll: 1 point.
    Creating a new quiz: 1 point.
    Sharing a video: 2 points.
    Creating a new Page/Group: 2 points.
    Creating a new Event or Marketplace Listing: 1 point.
    Creating Feedback: 1 point.
The Future of Activity Points

In the near future, your activity points will be able to be traded with other members, used to buy gifts, as well as Sponsorship and Advertisement space here at Ghostsstory. When these features are implemented, we'll send out an announcement. :)


How to Create a New Advertisement?
Sorry, this section is undercontruction.

FAQ Best Of

What is the Best Of?

The Best-Of is a sub-section of This section contains the most popular content found on the main-site. Here, you can find well-written articles and stories and the most compelling videos and photos that we offer as well as short biographies of our most active and respected members.

If you'd like your content or yourself featured here, write well-written articles or stories that are your own piece of work. Video and photo-submissions should be as original as possible without any editing or faked and compelling with a well-written description describing what's in the content you had submitted.

Generally, the content submitted to the Best Of consists of content voted on by other members' that's featured at the Voting section. We take the top voted content and place it at the best-of. However, if you'd like us to review your content in advance, feel free to contact-us with a link to your submission on Ghostsstory.


FAQ Blog

Blogging at

We allow our members to blog here at You're welcome to share any of your paranormal-experiences with us. Actually, it's encouraged!

Here are a few tips to help your blog gain more views and popularity:

    1. Write articles with proper grammar and punctuation.
    2. Refrain from using acronyms such as LOL, LMAO, WTF, GTG, BRB or any other online acronym as these detract from the professionalism of your writing.
    3. Do NOT submit articles or stories that are not of your creation. In other words, do not plagiarize blogs. Copyright-infringement will get you banned quickly here.

To add a blog post:

    1. There are numerous ways to navigate to the add blog page. The easiest method would be by clicking here. Alternatively, while at the Dashboard (or Home page) look for the "Add, Share and Upload" panel to the left and click "Add New Story/Article". This will bring you directly to the add blog page.
    2. You can then write your new blog entry. You can attach images, links, videos and even emoticons using the icon panels above the text box. Once you have finished writing your blog post, select the category your post belongs to.
    3. You can control who gets to view your blog posts via the privacy settings tab.
    4. You can control who gets to comment on your blog posts via the comments settings tab.
    5. Once you have finished, you can either publish, save as draft or preview your post.

Please note that if you're a basic-member, your blog will have to be approved first prior to being added to the site. This helps combat spam blog-posts.

FAQ Chat

How Can I Instant Message Friends at

Instant messaging your friends at Ghostsstory is easy. If your friends are available for chat, they'll show up in the IM-bar at the bottom right of the page. Click the area that says Who's Online, then simply click on the name of the person who you'd like to message, type your message and hit Return or Enter to initiate chat.

Managing Chat Options
Via the gear icon on the right of Who's Online,

This area looks like this:

IM settings menu

Here, you can:

1. Change your status by typing into the relevant text box and then selecting Set my status.
2. Select whether you are available for chat, busy, invisible or stay offline by clicking on the relevant statuses. Your status will automatically change according to what you have selected.
3. Disable sound notifications and popup notifications by checking the relevant boxes. 4. Manage the users you had blocked via IM.

To the far left of Who's Online, there is this section:

IM Menu Icons

These icons allow you to easily view our Facebook and Twitter Pages, create your own chatroom, Translate any page using Google Translate, share any page at a variety of social bookmarking and social network websites, scroll to the top of any page, create feedback and if you're not already a member, create an account.

FAQ Event

Creating Events

Events are a great way to gain exposure at Ghostsstory for your paranormal-functions. Creating a new event gives you access to moderate it. You'll have access to and management of guest-lists as well as invitations. You will be able to add or alter comments, events and links from other members on your Event's wall if you choose to allow such things.

To navigate to the Events section and create your event, login, then click here or:

1. Select Events on the left hand side panel of the dashboard.
2. You can then fill in details of the event that you are planning. You can select which category your event belongs to under the Category tab.
3. Fill in the event that you are planning and tell your friends of the details of your event Descriptions.
4. You can then select the date and time of the start of the event. Please keep in mind that event times are set in 24 hour format.
5. As an optional feature, you can also fill in the time when the event ends. Click on Add end time and select the date and time of the end of the event.
6. Fill in the location venue in the relevant text box.
7. If you wish to be more detailed, select Add Address/City/Zip/Country and fill in the address details in the relevant text boxes that will pop up.
8. You can control who can see the event via the event privacy settings tab.
9. You can control who can share your event via the share privacy settings tab.
10. Once you are done, just click Submit.

FAQ Forum

What are Forums?

If you're familiar with forums from other sites, our Forum works in basically the same way. For those of you that never used a forum before; Forums allow you share or view messages for or from other members and the rest of the world to see via text(pictures too!). Here at Ghostsstory, most of the chat that goes on in our forums pertains to paranormal-stuff as is the theme of the site. However, other categories do exist that allow for chat on various other topics.

Participating in our forums is simple once you become a member. Once registered, head on over to the forum-section to get started. Once at the Forum-section, you'll be greeted with an array of different categories, It's best to start at the Introduction-section so that the rest of the community can get to know you.

Feel free to browse the entire-section and read what others had posted. If you'd like to begin your own conversation, click the topic your conversation would apply to. For example, we'll use the Introduction-section.

    1. Navigate to the forums
    2. Click on "Introduction" under the Ghostsstory heading.
    3. Click on "New Thread" as this is what allows you to create your own topics.
    4. Create a nice title for your conversation. Below, in the message area, type your message. The message box grants access to a few tools to help format your text.
    5. After your message is complete, selecting yes next to "Subscribe" allows you to receive E-mails when a reply is made to your "Thread".

You're also able to add a poll to your Forum threads as well as topics. Topics should be words that pertain to or briefly describe your thread topic.

Note: Closing your thread will disable the opportunity for others to comment on it.

More about Forums

To reply or "Post" to threads of your own or other members, once at the thread you would like to reply to, click on either "New Reply" above or below the thread contents, or if you'd like to quote an individual's thread reply, click "Reply" within the members post.

You'll also notice that you can "Like" individual replies, share them via social bookmarking websites, with your friends on Ghostsstory, Email, or post the link directly to sites like Facebook. There's a "Report" link too that allows you to Report threads or replies to Administrators.

You can edit your replies by clicking on "Edit" to the right of your original post.

You'll notice that within each thread, there's a "#" sign with a number next to it furthest right of an individual post, clicking this will permalink you to that thread, allowing for easier sharing/ viewing.

FAQ Mail

Private Messaging (Mail)

As a member, you can send PM's (Private Messages or mail) to friends or other members of Ghostsstory. You can read and compose your messages at the Mail-section. Once logged in, you can view the mail section by clicking here; Alternatively, you can click on the mail-icon which looks like this:
message icon

This icon is located at the very top of the page, next to your Friends Requests and Notifications drop-down menus. After clicking on the mail-icon and the drop-menu appears, click on See All Messages. Once at the mail-section, you can review or compose your new message.

The mail-section allows you to compose new messages, reply to messages, sort your messages as you see fit, delete messages, mark messages as unread, see your saved messages(archives)and view sent messages.

How to Read a Received Message?

After navigating to the mail-section, click on the message subject to read the message.

How to Reply to a Message?
There is a reply box below the message (after you've opened it to read it). Type your response in this box if you want to respond and then click Send to send the response.
How to Write or Compose a New Message
To compose a message you can either click Compose to the right of your message list or click Send New Message found in the Message tab on the main menu.

When composing a message, click To to bring up a list of members for you to select the one you want to send the message to. Select one or more members to send the message to and then click Use Selected. Type your subject in the subject box. Type your message in the message box. When done, click Send or Preview if you want to preview the message before sending it.

FAQ Marketplace

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace allows a member to buy and sell merchandise from other members, easily. Here, you can list pretty much anything that you'd like to sell.

How do I buy things at the Marketplace?
1. Navigate to the Marketplace. You will then be able to see items for sale in the main page of the Marketplace.
2. You can click on the different categories of items available on the left hand side panel in the Marketplace.
3. You can also type in keywords of items that you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the page.
4. You can customize your search via the Location filter which is on the right of the search bar.
5. You can also sort the items that appear by latest, most liked or most discussed via the Sort filter.
6. You can customize how many items you can see in one page via the View filter.
7. You can customize to sort the listings by the time they were published via the When filter.
How do I sell things at the Marketplace?
1. You can create a new listing for your item on Marketplace by selecting +Add new listing which is on the top right hand corner of the Marketplace page.
2. Select the category your item belongs to via the category tab.
3. Name your item and give a short description of your item in the relevant text boxes.
4. You can elaborate a bit more and add more details of your item such as the colour, function and measurements in the Description box.
5. Fill in the currency and price of your item.
6. Select the location where you are selling from via the location tab.
7. Additionally, you can also add the city and postcode that you are in by clicking on Add city/zip.
8. You can control who gets to view your listing via the listings privacy tab.
9. You can control who gets to comment on your listing via the comment privacy tab.
10. Once you are done and happy with your listing, click Submit.

FAQ Pages

What are Pages?

With Pages, you'll be able to create a section for your paranormal-society, organization, business, website, book, radio-show among many other categories. Easily. For free.

Lets say you're the founder of a paranormal-society called Paranormal Research Crew (PRS). Your Page will allow for management of its own-content for PRS in the form of:

-A wall where people can post comments and other things (if you so choose to make it open for public submission)
-Information regarding your Page.
-Events: Keep your audience informed on your latest Events and happenings.
-Discussions: Your Page will have its own Discussion Board.
-Photos: Share Photos in relation to your page (Maybe from a ghost-hunt?).
-Videos: Same as Photo but Video.

Some Pages allow for other members to join that Page(Societies): While other types of Pages are able to be "Liked" (Books for instance).

The Admin Panel for Pages gives you the power to control Details and Privacy and much more.

You'll be able to login as your Page too...this allows you to post content AS your page.

View the Pages Index

How Do I Create a New Page?
All you have to do is to click on Pages which is on the main bar on the top of the page.

1. Click on +Create a Page which is on the top right corner of the page.
2. Select what type of Pages you'd like to create.
3. Choose a category that you Pages belongs to via the Category drop-down tab.
4. Key in your Pages's name in the relevant text box.
5. Click on Get Started, where you will then be able to edit your Pages.
How Do I Edit my Page?
In your Edit Page, there will be a few links available on the main bar at the top of the page.

This allows you to edit your Pages type and name. The Landing Page allows you to set what section visitors will see first upon viewing your Page.

You can key in any information about your Pages that you would like to talk about. Just type into the relevant text box, and when you are done, you can click on Update

You can upload your Pages's photo via this link. Click on Choose file to upload a photo of your Pages from your computer. Once you have selected the photo, click on Upload photo

You can control who gets to see your Pages and other privacy settings via this link.

Here, you can easily invite other members of Ghostsstory to join or like your page. You're able to search via Email, Username or Full Name. Select the Friends you'd like to Invite and click on Send Invitations.

The URL-section allows you to create a unique-link name to your page. So if your Page's name is, for example, PLH Paranormal... setting your unique vanity URL to Paranormal might be a good idea.

This section allows you to add other members to your Page that you would like to help Administrate/control settings. Just search by them by their name, select them, and woola! They're now Administrators of your Page. Clicking on the Grey X removes them from Administrator-access.

FAQ Photo

How Do I Upload Photos?
It is very easy to upload photos at Ghostsstory. Navigate to the Ghost Photos area then, if you're logged in, click on +Upload a New Image on the top right hand corner of the page. You will then be brought into a new-section where you are given options to:

1. Select the category your photo belongs to.
2. Select your photo view and comment privacy.
3. Choose the photo to upload from your computer.

Your photo will automatically be uploaded once you select a photo from your computer and select Open. Please note that basic memberships require that photos be approved first
How to Add or Change my Profile Photo?
To change your profile picture, go to your Photo-page and mouse over on any photo that you want as your profile picture, then:

1. Click on the arrow that appears on the bottom right of your picture-thumbnail
2. Select Set as your profile picture.

To add a profile picture, click on Profile at the top right hand panel of the page and select Edit Profile Picture.

1. Click on Choose File to upload a photo from your computer.
2. After selecting a photo that you want, click Upload photos, then follow the on-screen instructions to adjust your photo to your liking.
How Can I Edit my Avatar?
To edit your avatar's appearance, click on Profile on the top right hand panel of the page, and select Edit profile photo.
1. Click and drag your mouse over the original photo until you are happy with the way the photo is cropped.
2. Once you are happy with the way the photo looks in the preview section, click on Save avatar.
How Can I Delete my Photos?
It is very easy to delete a photo that you do not want. All you need to do is mouse over a photo thumbnail that you do not want anymore, click on the arrow sign that appears on the bottom right of the thumbnail, and select Delete photo. A pop up will appear asking you for confirmation.
How Do I "Like" and/or Comment on Photos?

You can comment on your photos or your friend's photos simply by clicking on the text box below each photo once logged in.

If you want to like a photo, upon being logged in, click on Like which is below each photo.

FAQ Poll

How Do I Create a Poll?
Creating a poll at is easy. Polls allow you to ask the community questions to see which of your answers is the most popular. To create a poll:

1. If you're logged in, clicking here will take you directly to the Poll creation page. Or you can...
2. Click on Polls on the left hand side of the panel on your profile page. Select +Create a poll which is on the top right hand corner.
3. Fill in the question and create different responses or answers for your questions in the relevant text boxes given.
4. Premium-memberships allow you to choose a picture to accompany your question. Select Choose file and upload a photo from your computer. When you have finished selecting a photo to upload, select Open.
5. You can control who gets to view the poll that you have created via the privacy settings tab.
6. You can control who gets to comment on your poll via the comments settings tab.
7. Under additional options, you can select Yes or No for Public vote. If you select Yes, this would mean that the votes of all the users that have voted on your poll can be viewed by others. If you select No, the votes can only be seen by the admin of the poll, which is yourself.
8. You can also select Yes or No for Randomize Answers under additional options. If you select Yes, the order of the responses in the poll will be randomized. If you select No, the order of the responses will be fixed as how you have ordered them during the process of creating the poll.
9. Once you have finished creating your poll, you can either Submit or Save and Design the Poll.
How Do I Save and Design my Poll
You can customize the colour of your poll's background, percentage bars, and edges to your liking by selecting Save and Design the Poll after you have created your poll.

1. Click on the white box. You will then be brought to a colour spectrum. You can adjust the arrows on the colour spectrum to pick a colour that you are happy with or fill in the exact HTML colour code that you want.
2. Once you are happy with the colour, click on the spectrum circle on the lower right side of the box.
3. You can then preview the changes you have made which will appear above the colour bars.
4. When you are happy with the colours of your poll, click on Save.
How Can I Edit My Poll(s)?
If you are still not happy with the way your poll looks or want to edit the content of your poll, it is possible.

1. Click on your poll title.
2. Select Actions which will be underneath the title.
3. Select Edit.
4. You can then edit the content or customise the colours on your poll.

FAQ Quiz

What Are Quizzes?

I'm sure most of you know what a quiz is! Our quizzes work the same as any other quiz really. You can create your own quizzes or answer other members' quizzes. After taking a quiz, your score is calculated and shown to you.

How Do I Create a New Quiz
To create a quiz on for your friends to enjoy.

1. Select Quizzes on the left hand panel of your profile page.
2. Click on +Add new quiz which is on the top right hand corner of the page.
3. You can now create your quiz. Fill in the Title and Description of your quiz. Under description, you can give a short brief about what your quiz is about or give instructions or details to your friends.
4. You can even upload a photo to accompany your quiz. If you wish to upload a photo, just select Choose file to upload a photo from your computer. Once you have chosen a photo, click Open.
5. You can then craft your quiz by filling in the question and each question's responses in the relevant text boxes.
6. If you wish to have more responses per question, click on the + icon. If you wish to have less responses per question, click on the - icon.
7. Indicate which is the correct response for each question by clicking on the tick icon.
8. If you wish to have more questions, you can select Add another question at the bottom of the page.
9. You can control who gets to view and take part in your quiz via the privacy settings.
10. You can control who gets to comment on your quiz via the comment settings.
11. Once you are done crafting your quiz, just click on Submit.

FAQ Statistics

All About Statistics and Ranking

Question: I'm Unable to View the Statistics-Page! Why?

You don't have proper access. Please login.

Question: Huh...Site Statistics? Why?

Yep! Site-statistics are available for every section or area available at All section's stats' are available for viewing right in the Statistics-area of the site. They're a very in-depth means of keeping up with your own content, content-ranking of your content and other members-content.

What Statistics Are Available For Viewing and How do They Work?

Each section shows either an interactive bar-graph, pie-chart or Timeline detailing member or site-statistics.

Rank Position and Total for:
-Activity (the total calculated number of submissions you have made to the site. Each section is merged and tallied)
- Profile Views
- Friends
- Comments

Rank Position and Total for:
-Songs (this section isn't currently utilized, so no stats will be shown here)
-Listings in the Marketplace
-Forum Posts

Tallies the total number of content-submissions by all members and listed by rank for all content-sections of Ghostsstory.

Shows the ratio of Female to Male to Other registered members.

Shows the total age group of members listed by rank.

Tallies the relationship status of members(as a whole, privacy is maintained here) and ranks each category accordingly for the following:
-It's Complicated
-In an Open Relationship

This section shows a timeline of membership-registrations by total-registrations per month. List is by rank according to the best month.

A timeline ranked by month that calculates and totals the amount of content submitted for the past year.

Question: I Can't View All the Statistics! Why?

Because you'll need to upgrade your account to Premium. A One time-fee of $10 will gain you access to the rank of all your content and all statistics; In addition you'll also gain access to all of the "Likes" made on Ghostsstory and their details. The Likes section will appear directly above all other statistic screens. Please see the image below for a sneak-peek...


Learn more about subscriptions HERE.

Question: When I Try and Navigate to Certain Statistics-menus with Internet-Explorer I'm Redirected to the Dashboard. Why is This? be honest, Internet Explorer is a poor-browser. Please download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome . This will solve the issue.

Question: I Have More Questions/I'm Confused About Something!

Just send us an E-mail using the Contact Us Form.

Or for likely faster service please utilize our Feedback-section

FAQ Your Account

How Do I Control Privacy?

To navigate to your account privacy settings, click the account menu at the top right of any page, and choose Privacy Settings. This page contains a group of general controls for your Ghostsstory.comaccount, such as who can send you friend requests and messages. For everything else that you share on, you can choose your audience right when you post.

Within the Privacy-section you'll notice tabs for different privacy-settings.

The first tab:"Profile Access" gives you control for setting who can view and interact with you and your profile.

The second tab:"Items" allows you to customize your default settings for when sharing new items on the site. Note this only changes your default settings for future items and does not change any items you have already shared. To change the privacy settings on those items you can customize the items privacy by editing the item itself.

The third tab:"E-mail Notifications" allows you to set whether or not you'll be notified via E-mail for various actions from the site that involves you.

The fourth tab:"Blocked Users" allows you to select a user you have previously blocked from contact and unblock them.

The fifth tab:"Invisible Mode" allows you to be hidden from any online! lists that are seen on Please note: To not appear Online in the Instant Messenger, you'll have to set yourself as Invisible in the IM settings manager.

The Dashboard Explained

The Dashboard is the section of Ghostsstory you're redirected to upon signing into your account. At the Dashboard, you'll find all kinds of content to sift through. Here, you can view the Activity Feed from member-activity around the site. You'll also notice all kinds of links that quickly take you to the content you'd like to submit. The Dashboard is the backbone of fresh, new content submitted by other members and announcements from administration.

If you'd like to search for other members or a certain group, you have that option via the search bar at the very top of any page, next to the logo. Other sections allow you to search for content, such as the Ghost Stories section.

All about User-Groups and Subscriptions

Certain features of are granted to you, the member, after your account-membership is upgraded to a higher level user group. User groups are controlled automatically via site algorithm or manually by you. When you sign-up for Ghostsstory, your assigned account-membership is set to "Basic". You can upgrade your account to either Upgraded, Premium or Trail membership by purchasing a subscription to Upgraded or Premium user groups. The user groups are explained below.

Basic Membership Details:

This user group is designed to minimize the amount of spam Ghostsstory receives and shows. There are a few restrictions with basic-memberships(Admin approval for most content) and less space for your uploads.

Activity Points are gained for submitting content of all kinds such as blogs, videos, photos and comments. Each submission grants no less than 1 activity-point. Once you reach 10 activity points, your account will be automatically upgraded to "Upgraded" level membership which is described below.

Upgraded Membership Benefits:

This account type is 100% free once your account is automatically upgraded from Basic. If you wish to upgrade bypassing the activity-points requirement, a one time fee of $5 is optional. With this account type, you'll get the benefits from the Basic membership and the following additional features:

-No captcha or Admin approval required for submissions.

-Double the storage-space for your content.

Premium Membership Benefits:

-This membership has all the features of an Upgraded-membership. In addition, for a one time-fee of $10, you'll get:

-Limited Advertisements

-More than double the storage-space of upgraded-members.

-Larger attachment sizes for images.

-Mail message storage increase.

-The ability to add Google Maps to your Events.

-Add photos to your Quizzes and Polls.

-The ability to Design nearly every aspect of your member-profile.

-Access to in-depth statistics of your content and the content of other members. See where your content ranks in total for blogs, videos, photos, pages, polls, quizzes, marketplace-listings, events and forum-posts, plus information for other site-content-stats. A total of over 30 different viewable-statistics.

-Access to "Likes" statistics. See what's being liked by friends and members on Ghostsstory. Four sections with detailed-statistics.

-Premium Access to the Favorites-section. View who Favorited you. See what submission(s) of yours that others Favorited.

Trail Memberships:

Trail memberships allow you to test out and view all of the features of the Premium usergroup for 5 days. After the 5 day trail period, you'll account will be reset to the "Upgraded" user group level. If you decide you would like to purchase a Premium membership, you can do so in the subscribtions manager. Once your payment is received, your account will automatically be upgraded.

How to Manage Your Account Data
How I Add or Edit my About Me, Interests or Details Section of my Profile?
To manage your profile, go to the Profile tab on the main menu.

- Go to Profile » Edit Profile
- Enter what you want and click Update.
How Do I Reset my Password?
If you forget your password, click the Forgot password and you will be sent a confirmation email asking if you want to reset your password. Click the link in the email to confirm that you want to change the password. Insert your password into the Login password box.
How Do I Manage My Friends?

Mananging your friends is done by clicking the "Account" menu at the top right of any page and selecting "Friends" in the drop down menu that follows.

While at this page, you'll notice the Friends menu to the left of the page. Here, you'll have a chance to view all of your current Friends, Incoming Requests sent from other members to you and Pending Requests(friend requests you had sent). At this page, you can sort your friends by Newest Friends and by First Name. You can select how many friends to show per page and by when the friend was added. To remove a friend, click the small grey "x" to the far right of the Friend's name.

FAQ Your Profile

Editing your profile

You can edit your profile easily by clicking the Profile drop down menu at the top right hand corner of any page then by selecting "Edit Profile".

The Edit Profile section allows you to either: add, delete or alter the following fields under the "Basic Information" tab:

    ZIP/Postal Code
    Date of Birth
    Relationship Status
    Forum Signature

In the "About Me" "Interests" and "Details" tab, you're able to add or edit general information pertaining to who you are.

The Profile Page Explained

A member's Profile page contains a wealth of information. Here, members and visitors can view all of their submitted content via the menu on the left(privacy settings permitting).

This menu contains:

    Wall - The wall allows a member to add or update their status, add a photo, link, poll or blog. This section also lists the members activity around the site.
    Info - This section lists all the information about the member as well as an area of their submitted content.
    Blogs - View the member's submitted Blogs to the site.
    Friends - View the member's Friends.
    Photos - View the member's submitted photos.
    Polls - View the member's submitted polls.
    Videos - View the member's submitted videos.

If your viewing your own profile, content can be added by visiting the corrosponding sections of your profile. While at a profile, you'll have the option to "Poke" members(a friendly gesture and a way to get noticed by them). "Send Message". "Send Friend Request", "Add to Favorites" and a drop down area that allows you to block the member from contacting you or viewing any of your content. Also, at the bottom of every profile page, you'll have an option to "Report this User" to Administration for review. There are Blocks at every member profile that shows Achievements, their trail of viewed content (if you're their friend) and some other things. You're encouraged to browse around profiles and check out all of the content!

How to Customize Your Profile

One of the many features offered as a member with a Premium-subscription is that you'll have the option to completely customize your profile. To do so, click the "Profile" link at the top of any page then, once the drop down menu appears, click "Customize Profile". There are many different options and settings to change. You can also reach this menu by going to your profile then clicking "Design Profile"

Available in the menu that appears are site Themes, Blocks, Advanced and CSS.

Site Themes
In this section, you'll find the different available themes available at Ghostsstory. Themes change the look of the website. Click on each to get a preview of what that theme looks like. Once you found the theme you'd like to use, click on "Use Theme". This will now be the default theme you will see while visiting the site. You can change the theme to another at any time.

Blocks are an area on most pages that contain some kind of content. For instance, the "Recently Viewed By" section on your profile is known as a "block"... or the "My Trail" section at your profile or the Dashboard is known as a block. If the content has a heading, it's a block. Some blocks at some pages are able to be hidden from your profile or moved around on the page to a place of your choosing. You can control these blocks under the "Blocks" section of the Customize Profile or Customize Dashboard sections of Ghostsstory.

The following two sections are available to Premium or Trail account holders only For more about subscriptions please read the Subscriptions section of this FAQ or click here

The Advanced section allows you to completely customize nearly every aspect of your profile from: adding your own custom background images, editing text and background colors, changing fonts, adding borders and much more. Each setting available for customization will be shown as highlighted, this gives you a preview of what will be changed. You can preview most changes before you actually save your work. Do note, that some settings can "break your profile". If you break your profile with a setting, you can reset that change or revert all changes back to default. If Administration comes across a broken or vulgar profile, it'll be reverted back to default. Feel free to play around with this feature and customize your profile how you would like within reason.
How Do I Change My Profile Picture?

Editing Your Profile Picture is done by clicking the "Profile" link at the top right of any page then by clicking on "Edit Profile Picture" or go there directly by clicking here. Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully Edit or Upload a Profile picture. Do note, that the "Avatar" preview is showing how your forum photo will appear in the Forum section.

FAQ Video

How do I Add Videos on Ghostsstory?
Currently you can easily share videos from another website that hosts video; For instance: Youtube. You can click on Upload/Share a video which is under the Quick Links panel on the left hand side of the home page.

1. Once you click on Upload/Share a video, you will be taken to a new page where you can insert the video URL from which you found the video.
2. Give a title for your video underneath Video Title
3. You can select the category to which your video belongs to by clicking on the category tab
4. Give your video a short description via the Description text box and you can 'tag' your videos via the Topics box, separating multiple topics with commas
How do I share videos from other sites?
To share a video, you can either click on Upload/Share a video which is under the Quick Links panel on the left hand side of the home page, or click on Video which is underneath the Activity Feed panel in the middle of the page.

1. Once you click on Upload/Share a video, you will be taken to a new page where you can paste a file URL (via Paste URL) from another website such as Youtube or Vimeo.
2. You can select the category to which your video belongs to by clicking on the category tab
3. If you have opted to paste a URL, there will be a text box underneath the category tab to paste the URL there.
4. Once you are done just click Add.
How do I manage the privacy of the videos that I share or upload?
To manage the privacy of your video, you can do so while uploading or sharing the video URL.

1. While uploading or sharing the video, you can control who can see the video via the privacy settings tab.
2. You can control who can comment on your video via the comment privacy settings tab.
How do I like, rate or comment on videos?
Underneath every video that you post or your friends post, there will be three links which are Like, Comment, and Share.

1. To like a video, just click on Like underneath the video and a thumbs up sign will show up. Your friend will be notified when you like his or her video
2. To comment on a video, click on Comment, and you will automatically be taken to the comment textbox.
3. If you are allowed to share your friend's video, you can click on the Share link and share it on your newsfeed with your other friends
4. To rate a video, click on the stars on the right hand side of the page, which is underneath the video. You can select 1 up to 5 stars, 1 being the worst, and 5 being the best.
How do I mark videos as a sponsor?
You will be able to sponsor a video on This is available at a small fee and the link will appear on the side bar on the right hand side of the Video page