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When I was a child around 8years old, me and my family moved home to the house we are still at now. At the time as a kid I had no idea about ghosts or anything else paranormal so when things started happening I thought nothing off it. The ghost that haunted my house wasent a pleasant one :/ something that started small started escalating. At first it was just picture frames on the mantel being turned round, then on a night there was heavy breathing coming from the stairwell and then well it kinda started freaking me out I would wake up on a night in a pool of sweat and my bed was shaking, at first I thought I was dreaming but this carried on every night for weeks. Everytime I woke up I would hide under the duvet just knowing that it was under my bed tormenting me :/ and then the night I will never forget for all of my life. Just woke up one night in the exact situation and I had a rush of courage I jumped out off bed and laid on the floor, looked under my bed into complete darkness, I remember saying I'm not scared off you anymore!.. And I got pulled in :/ I blacked out immediately and the next morning I woke up I was under my bed :/ just talking about it sends me shivers down my spine.

I have told many people this story and many have found it hard to believe or sceptic about it. But to be honest I don't care :L I know what happened and it will stick with me forever. I know ghosts are real!

Anyway after the incident I told my mother and she was taking no risks. I remember she got a priest which blessed the house and apparently got rid of this "old man" he said. Things have been normal ever since but on the odd occasion I really feel like I'm being watched. Thanks for reading my story and sorry for not keeping it short. Please let me know your thoughts
That's really interesting and very scary. Any further incidences in the house? Not to scare you or anything, but let's hope it didn't do harm to you while under the bed. Any scratches or bruises?

I wish you the best of luck while in that house! Administrator
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