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Hello everyone. My name is Kathryn feel free to call me Kt.
I am new to the site. Its rather cool that there's sites like this out there finally.. I don't know how many time's I tried to make one myself..But I am no good at building a website lol.
Anyways I'm not very old only 24 years old. Deal in the paranormal alot. I would be one of those people that can see, hear, feel the dead. Yeah right there's a GIANT turn off and no one wants to believe me after I tell them that much. But well its not like I'm trying to toot my own horn with it. Yes it can be cool but it's always scary. I think I've ran into more scary stuff than anything. And I point a finger at the area I live in, and the negative enviroment that is around here. It's very hush hush and if you are a tiny bit different you get the butt chewing of the centry. Anwyays. I don't really know what all to put on here other than blah blah blah and well I already did that. Want to talk to me, I'm sure there is a way to send a message on here. I just haven't figured that much out yet. Later.

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