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Creepy Pasta A collection of various paranormal/scary short stories.

Modern Day Mythical Creatures Certain animals have been classified as extinct but local sightings say otherwise. Could the ape-men still be living among us? Have creatures entered from another world? Discover the crypt-zoological creatures.

Jim Harold Paranormal Audio, Video & Updates on Demand.

Cinema-V Cinema-V is an online film journal dedicated to the love of cinema. The “V” in Cinema-V is short for the French word “Vérité,” or “true.” In other words, “True Cinema.”

Haunted Rooms Whether you're a true believer or the most stubborn of skeptics, offers you the chance to experience a night in some of the most haunted inns and hotels in America.

Best Ghost Sites We have lots of great paranormal, horror, and Halloween related Web sites so please browse our categories. You'll find many great sites here.

Short and Scary Stories - is the largest online collection of true and real scary ghost stories. If you have any real scary ghost story, submit it here and share your experience with world.

Spooky Corner A Place Where Nightmares are Real!

UFOcon The UFO Iconoclast(s)

Ghost Village Ghost Research, Evidence and Discussion.

Unexplained Mysteries Unexplained Mysteries.

Paranormal Database The Paranormal Database is an online guidebook to hauntings, ghost sightings, cryptozoology, ABCs, mythology, legends and other supernatural and fortean occurrences reported in Great Britain, listed by region. Horror movies, reviews and trailers, fiction reviews, interviews, science fiction movies - Everything Horror - Bringing the Paranormal to you!