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Do you suspect you or your house is being haunted and need help getting rid of the spirits or entities within?

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Highway Sheila Terror
  This is a true story about Highway Sheila. Where I'm from everyone knows about Highway Sheila. Some people even say they knew her,she was a vibrant lady full of laughter and joy and she was l...
Getting Rid of Unwanted Spirits from your Home
This is a VERY LONG Article but well worth the read for it will EMPOWER you: This article will explains what spirits are, which spirits are harmful to us, why some attach themselves and how to properl...
Top 6 Most Haunted Universities in the Philippines
*Its a month due I know. just got a hectic schedule from work...sorry bout that...anyway here goes my collate informations from a series of Universities here in the Philippines. Enjoy!* Ateneo De Man...
Devil's Footprints of Devon
During a heavy snowfall in 1855, a set of footprints appeared in Southern Devon that have mystified people ever since. According to reports taken at that time, the footprints covered over a hundred mi...
The Signs, Symptoms and Types of Haunting Activity
Have you ever been all alone at home and then suddenly heard someone call your name though you know no one is around? Have you ever seen a shadow from a skewed angle of your eye, but when you turn, t...
Ethan Ryan
that's my friends grandfather who wrote the book I've truthfully ever been in the house but I know exactly where it is and its amazing because my friend in 2003 was by himself in a room in there and h...
kelli fry
i have heard some weird noises around my house. i think it's a demon or maybe a ghost. i don't know why it wants to talk to me. heard like someone walking around in the living room when i'm in my bedr...
Nikki Trivette
Omg, something very similar happened to a friend of mine. Her mother had sent her next door to their neighbor's house to borrow, I dunno, a cup of sugar or something. Anyway, she gets there and starts...