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Lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina United States ·
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October 7, 2013
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January 4, 2011
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I'M a nice and easy going person,very caring.I like to help the less fortunate,I'm a good listener and very honest! One of my goals is to become a register nurse and and study more deep the paranormal.I'm a nursing assistant.I love my job taking care of the sick and I have been to the side of people who passed away,is sad but I'M glad I was there when they have to move on.After I lost my daughter 15 years ago, I been so interested in life after death and Is there a spirit world? and a few months I became interested with the orbs as you can see my pictures. I'm very spiritual and always been attracted by the unknown (paranormal)I had a few experiences of my own with ghost.I believe in angels, ghost and spirits.I will say my kids had a few experiences too! All my life I have been fascinated with paranormal, ghost etc. One day I'm planning to go ghost hunting soon,I believe in angels, I had a personal experience with one, they are here to help us when we ask them.
Who I'd Like to Meet
anybody who is open minded who like to share their own experiences and stories in the paranormal or angels .I like to have friends all over the world.
ghost hunters,paranormal research,paranormal state,celebrity ghost story, action and adventure,romance,scary.
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Ghost whisper RI
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a digital camera, SanDisk e260 mp3,a laptop,wave pad sound editor ( to listen clearly),ghost box,Nikon COOLPIX S6200.
learning more about the paranormal....reading books about angels, orbs and spirits. Life after death. Collect porcelain antiques dolls , gardening,cooking etc.I have been reading this interesting book "Spirit Guides Angel Guardians (contact your invisible Helpers by Richard Webster.
relaxing ambient , tecno, trance and romantic, christian music.
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