I'm Sure There was Something Standing There

I'm Sure There was Something Standing There

I was sleeping on the livingroom couch one night, the one that is located next to the kitchen doorway. I know that it was early in the morning, perhaps about 6:00 a.m.

I had just undergone a breakup that I took rather hard and was actually having a dream about my ex. 

In my dream he was a vampire and we were in a huge mansion with marble floors and ivory walls. I remember following him down a hallway and at the end of the hallway was a set of dooble dark-wood doors.

I began to run for him as he pushed open the doors. He looked back at me for a moment and then went through the doors and disappeared; just at that moment, I fell onto the floor and hit my palms quite hard against the marble. 

It was at the sudden impact that I was awoken with a start. 

Suddenly I could hear a vibrating noise and could even feel my body vibrating. It sounded as if someone were running past me in a hurried manner.

My first initial thought was that my mother's boyfriend had gotten into a car accident on his way out for work and she was running outside to make sure he was alright. 

When my eyes snapped open, I expected to see her running past me as I could still feel myself vibrating and the sound of footfalls running past me.

Only, I didn't see anything but a room cloaked in darkness. My eyes are now open at this point, I'm wide awake, my body is still vibrating and the sound of running is now maximized, but there is nothing there.

At this point, however, it sounds as if a herd of buffalo were running past my ear. It distinctly sounded as if the feet were hooved and there were tons of them moving as one. 

I then decided to sit up and see just what was happening, but upon trying I found that I was unable to move.

I could now hear my mother talking with her boyfriend in the bedroom and I could clearly hear them moving things around, but when I tried to call out to her, I couldn't even part my lips to make a sound.

I continued to struggle and stare straight ahead toward the window on the other side of the room. I only saw darkness. 

Finally, I sprang up from the couch and raced into the kitchen. I flipped on the light, heart pounding, and fell against the counter while I caught my breath.

I began to laugh at myself and said "well, if you were trying to scare me, you certainly succeeded". I turned off the light and went back to the couch. 

Before falling asleep, I contiuned to think about what had just happened. I looked straight ahead at the window and that's when something came to my attention.

I was now seeing through the window and the light from outside (not the sunlight) cast a silver-pale glow on the floor and walls.

I realized that as I was in my paralyzed state, I could not see that window, only darkness.

Something was standing in the way, blocking the light behind it. I didn't notice it before, as it was so dark.

Whatever it was, it had to be pretty large to block out the window and all the light that was coming through. I was certainly surprised by my discovery and had no trouble falling back to sleep.

I've never had Sleep Paralysis again since.

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