1996: My First Paranormal Experience

1996: My First Paranormal Experience

Part 1: Introduction.

Hello. My name is Sean Foster. I am the Administrator/Owner of I've decided to share with all of you today, the paranormal experience of mine that sparked my interest in the world beyond our own.

This particular experience is a very real, very bizarre and (in hindsight) fascinating experience unlike any other that I've been told, witnessed or read. It may turn into a longer read, but I assure you the experience I'm about to tell is unlike any other you've heard so bear with me and journey forth.

I'll tread through a bit of back-story first before making my way to the experience.

On December 16th, 1993 my Father was killed in an automobile accident. At the time and for many years thereafter, it was hard to cope with.

Most of the time when I think of my Dad, memories conjured often leave a smile on my face. While I was only 9 years old at the time of his passing, my Dad was a great man and Father who spent a lot of time with us kids and let us know we were loved.

It's been a long, hard, road with the only thing making that road a bit easier to travel on, is time. I'm sure many of you reading this now can relate and understand that feeling.

Part 2: Back-story and Interview Process. 1996 as part of a 6th grade History course, the class as a whole were asked to interview someone they know who had been in a war. Instantly, upon hearing of the assignment, excitement built up because I knew who I was going to interview. 

My Grandfather (My Dad's Dad) was a decorated war Veteran stemming back from the time of the Korean War. While “Pap” never spoke with me of his experiences overseas, I was very eager to learn about them and to learn more about him in general.

A few days later, the evening came and it was time for our interview. I had a handful of questions ready to fire at my Pap as eager as I was.

First, let me paint the scene for you so you have a bit of idea. This is a horrible drawing but you'll get the idea, I hope:


As you'll see in my crude drawing, there were 8 people present, all in the same room, ready to watch the interview. I can't remember who was sitting where but we're all in the same room (this is important later).

With my Pap and I sitting in front of the TV , the camera man is ready to start filming. I introduce my Pap and start asking him my questions. I don't remember those questions now, but there were maybe 10 to ask.

I very quickly went from excited to a bit sad as I could see my Pap's eyes begin to tear up and his answers grew far apart and distant from my questions.

Pap was able to keep his composure and we finish the interview without a hitch. I asked, he answered. Time to watch the playback.

Except, what was that walking down the hallway?

Part 3: The Experience.

After the interview, we pop the brand new, never used prior, VHS tape into the VCR located in the addition room.

All eight of us commenting on the video and how the interview went. A few minutes pass and that's it. My interview completes and I'm ready to take it to school the next day to show the class and the teacher. Needless to say, I'm ready for that sweet A+. wasn't that easy. During the end of the interview my Grandmother says: “Rewind it, I think I seen someone walk down the hallway”

“Huh?”, “What are you talking about, Gram?”, A few of us asked.

Well, Grandma wasn't kidding. Sure enough, upon rewinding...all eight of us caught this...thing, a bright white but somewhat transparent, human shaped figure “walking” I quote walking because it was more of a float, down the long hallway leading to the Master Bedroom.

I remember so clearly how quit that trailer was while we watched the playback. Every jaw was nearly touching the floor. We really had no idea what we were looking at. But the more and more we'd rewind and replay the video, the easier it was to notice odd things that made sense.

For instance, it was either my Grandmother or Grandfather who had commented on the clothes the figure was wearing and the hair style it sported. The clothes? A pair of my Dad's pants and a shirt he loved was worn. The hair style, exactly like my Dad's.

“That's Jackie!” my Grandmother exclaimed. Everyone called him Jackie though his name is Jack.

It started to piece together, the apparitions shape was the same shape of my Dad, the hairstyle, the same, the clothes, the same he wore. Except I remember that he had hair but no face, it was just a skull, kind of and his legs sort of merged with the floor below.

Tears were shed, mine were out of fear and grief. Others I'm not too sure. I just know that it was a terrifying experience for me.

You'd think this would be the weirdest, most bizarre part to this story. I assure it's not. By far, not.

Part 3.1: Some Details.

I'm going to try to explain to the best of my brains ability and current understanding of the world, what exactly happened as the apparition manifested and disappeared.

If you're looking at the photo of the trailer layout below, I have marked a new arrow called: Blue Portal.


This strange, blue hue encased the door-frame connecting the living-room to the entry of the hallway. Inside this portal, were, what I can only describe as 3 pie-charts. A pie-chart near the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom.

Kind of like this:


As the apparition would go towards the portal, the pie-charts would spin really fast.

As it made its way into the portal, the pie-charts inside stopped moving. When the apparition decided to make another appearance, the charts would spin up again, and whatever it was, came flying out.

So basically the only time the charts were moving was when the apparition(s) would leave the area or wanted to return, at least through this portal anyway.

Oddly enough, this wasn't the only area where things would fly out of. Sometimes it looked like random body-parts (legs, hands, arms) would come flying out of no where with no need for a portal and sometimes through the portal.

Part 4: Take 2 and 3.

There we were, watching this tape over and over, speculating further what it could be other than Ghosts, but we just couldn't find anything logical.

There was only the eight of us in the trailer, no one hiding anywhere. The tape was brand new and just opened, so no possibility of something being dubbed over. Definitely not reflections and what happens in Take 2 and 3 confirms exactly what I thought this was.

Although, the first take went without a hitch and I could had used that take and been done with it, we decided to press it a little further and see if any more oddities would show up. Mind you this was on a separate brand new tape.

Now, everyone is still a bit shaky and heh, white as a ghost. But we press forward and began the interview process over.

I stumble over my questions at first, very aware of what went on prior.

My mind was nowhere set on the interview, having my back towards that hallway was probably the most terrifying experience I've yet to have in my life and was all I could think about.

My Grandfather while earlier shaken up, regained his composure and answered the questions again.

And then it happened...the cameraman started breathing heavy and then starts to shake. I knew exactly what was going on, although I couldn't see it.

He was seeing this crazy ghostly stuff happening as it was happening as were some of the other witnesses.

Now, I can't recall if he saw these oddities through just the camera or in person as well, but either way he was seeing this stuff go on. I recall my cousin, while young at the time, recalling seeing activity going on in person.

I personally had not seen anything other than what was in the videos.

It's very strange to me how although everyone of us were in the same room, only a few witnessed this stuff through their own eyes while others only through the video even while waiting for it to happen.

What was seen though, through individuals eyes matched up perfectly to that of the other witnesses.

During the 2nd and 3rd take, more bizarre stuff was seen flying around the room, from wall-to-wall, to and from the doorway portal. Mind you, Take 3 was also on a new VHS tape. If I remember correctly, Take 1 had the most clear shot of the apparition as it moved slowly until making its way to the portal.

The 2nd and 3rd Takes, the oddities whizzed every which way and were somewhat hard to catch at times.

What was seen though was just body-parts. Nothing gruesome or anything, but a random transparent whitish foot, leg, arm, head appearing and then boom...gone in an instant.

Now, for myself, the most bizarre thing to happen and what assured me, to this day, that there is a strange world awaiting us once we leave the one we're in now, is that at some point during the first take , you could see as clearly as the sky is blue, a white and blue arm (from the elbow down) with hand complete with veins and a swaying robe/shirt/jacket...not really sure, fly directly in front of my face (eye level).

In one motion the hand slashed downwards very similar to a karate chop then faded away. I didn't even see this happen in person, just on video. There was no sound to it, just appeared, did its thing and was gone.

I can say though, that I did feel a presence starting from the 2nd take until I had left. It was a very uneasy feeling.

After the 3rd take, we've had enough of what was going on and called it quits, we were all emotionally drained and frightened. At least I was.

Though it's funny now, I recall after we were done, cleaning up and just sitting around conversing, I was asked to take the chair I used to the first bedroom down the hall. There was absolutely no way I was going anywhere near that hallway.

And I hadn't for a few weeks.

Part 5: All the Stuff I Can Recall Seeing.

I'd just like to recall what I can remember seeing in all three videos. Not in any specific order but at least everything I'm able to remember overall.

  • Nearly a full body apparition in the shape/size, clothing and hair style my Dad was known to choose. Visible via video.

  • Blue portal in the doorway of the living-room and hallway complete with spinning blue oval pie-chart things that were used for spirits to fly out of. Visible via video.

  • During the viewing of the first apparition, it kind of looked like a leash going from the apparitions right arm to the floor connected to a smaller entity, possibly an animal. Visible via video

  • The couch in each take had what looked like a skull with vertebrae next to the arm of the couch but on the floor. Only visible during video playback.

  • Random (maybe Ectoplasm) of what looked to be body-parts appearing and disappearing through walls, ceilings and the floor. Visible via video and via some witnesses as it happened.

  • The hand that floated in front of my face complete with veins and robe. Unsure if visible with the naked eye from others.

Part 6: Conclusion.

I can recall later on that same night, before school the next day, I took the video home and had a good friend come view it. He had only seen one of the video tapes. I can't recall which...but he was really intrigued and kept asking me what I did to the video. He was seeing what all of us saw, and knew what he seen wasn't of this world.

Before class the next day, my teacher was already made aware of the video, and asked to view it before the rest of the class. At first it was just she and I, upon watching the take...she seen what all of us saw, but concluded that it was a tape error.

Although she called in other members of the faculty to view it, some were amazed while others were skeptical. I can't say that I blame them at all as it was all pretty incredible and hard to believe.

Eventually, the entire class got to watch the video but without being made aware of the happenings and a few spoke up and asked “what was that?”. All I could do was smile and say “nothing”.

My Grandmother wanted the tape back afterwords and I obliged. Not too long after the incident, the tapes were copied to other tapes and not a thing showed up in any of them as far as I'm aware. The most unfortunate part is that the trailer had caught fire and burned down with the original tapes inside.

The most damning evidence every conceived, in my eyes...destroyed in mere moments. Though, that video and the other 2 will forever live on and continue to reply over and over in my mind.

I learned overtime that while people hear this story, they think it's fascinating and all but you can tell when they don't believe it. I can understand that, without seeing the evidence for myself, I too would have a hell of a time believing something that far out there.

But I know what I saw, the witnesses know what they had seen, and there's no changing my mind. I don't try to convince anyone of my experiences...there's just no point in arguing because I know at least somewhat, what awaits me/us in the next life because I have seen it.

Thank you for taking the time out to read of my experience. If this experience intrigued you, please comment and let me know your thoughts. If you have any questions, I'll gladly answer what I can.

All the best to you,



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