A Day in Haunted Sellersburg

I have always been interested In the paranormal so when I heard the person that lived in my house before me was into trying to contact the other side, I thought this place was meant for me. 

Small little things would start happening. For instance, our alarm clock would always start playing on the most creepiest songs like Let the Bodies Hit the Floor and Highway to Hell.

Even at that point I would not let it affect me. Then our TV would come on almost every night between 2am and 4am. Of course I tried everything to make sense of it but with a TV without a sleep timer, something has to be turning it on. 

The moment I was shocked to my core was when I woke up and the rings I wear on my hands everyday and on same fingers, was completely rearranged on my hands.

I'm a very light sleeper so I have no clue how something like that could happen and I not feel it. It seems whatever is in this house is connected to me. My makeup somehow was found standing straight up on top my vanity mirror. 

I don't feel that it's bad, I just get a little spooked because it seems to affect me more and more. So the more this house pulled me in the more interested I have been in the paranormal.

I bought myself a night vision camera and a PSB7 spirit box along with a temperature laser pointer and a voice recorder.

My 1st time trying out my night vision camera, I turned on my PSB7 and was shocked to hear and mostly shocked what I seen at the end of the video.

I'm not too computer savvy so I tried edit software to show the best parts of my video. I'm not sure what I caught at the end, but Zak Bagans would freak out if he seen it:) 

I posted the video on YouTube cause I feel this is something that could change people's perception on spirits and science. Please watch the video from beginning to end. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Story Credit: Amy. - Spirit box session along with two very fast spirits, 1 shoots straight out of the angel on the tree topper and the other glides from top left of screen down to bottom right of screen right after the orb shoots from the tree topper toward the right. please watch video till very end. may need to watch a few times to see the spirits in action, Thanks.


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