A Soldier Has Appeared

A Soldier Has Appeared

So, recently (Within the year) I've had four very related and very interesting ghostly experiences. I don’t know if it’s this one ghost just attracted to me or what, but whenever I attempt to camp out with a friend or even alone to catch him again, he never shows up. It’s always when I’m not expecting him, as if he doesn't want to be seen by anyone but me.

First, a quick description of him. I've seen his full body twice, his head once, and heard his voice once. He’s a tall man, dressed in a WWII Wehrmacht Military Uniform. 

So the first time was definitely the shortest. I was home alone in my flat, reading Lord of the Rings when I heard footsteps coming from upstairs. I thought it may have been my flatmate Aleks, because sometimes he comes in the back way.

So I called out “Hey, Aleks, I thought you were going to be out all night.” I got no response, then got a bit more curious. So I stood up, walked up the stairs, and promptly saw an unfamiliar man standing in my hallway.

I was about to yell at him (you know, like “What the *beep* are you doing in my house?”) when I realized I could sort of see through him. He just turned to look at me then and promptly disappeared. Of course I was spooked, but I didn't want to tell anyone because I didn't want to be seen as crazy.

The second time was about a month later when I was sculpting my hair (I have a Mohawk, as stupid as it sounds) in the bathroom, and the mirror was rather foggy because I had just gotten out of the shower.

I had looked away to squirt more gel into my hands, and when I looked back up there were distinct hands resting on the mirror. 
Needless to say, that spooked me pretty bad and I dropped the can of gel.

Then his face kind of appeared, and it was the same guy. He just looked at me for a few moments, opened his mouth as if to speak, then took his hands away and disappeared from the mirror again.

Now I was pretty sure something ghostly was happening here. So I talked to my other friend who is equally as interested in supernatural things as I am (I’ve always believed ghosts existed, just haven’t seen any until now).

She said he was probably an imprint haunting or a sentient haunting, since he hadn't spoken or directly interacted with any objects it was a bit difficult to tell the difference. 

The third time was two months ago. I was in my room, playing Minecraft and getting a little bit tired. I was planning on going to bed soon. I had my radio on, playing the local rock/metal station. Then there was a tone like a ‘broadcast interruption’ or ‘weather alert’ tone, and it went to static.

I paused my game and reached over to jiggle the knob (it’s an old clock radio), and see if I could pick up the connection again. I thought I was going to because I heard a voice, so I toned in on that. But it was definitely not my radio station.

It was a male voice, whom said “Sie kommen, seien Sie vorsichtig,” and then paused. I was like ‘the heck,’ because I speak marginal German and that translates basically to “You come, be careful.” Then the same voice said “Achten Sie auf-“ and was cut off by the music coming back again.

That means “Pay attention to-“. It took me a little to put three and three together, but I finally figured out that that voice belonged to the same man whom had shown up twice near me.

Now, earlier, my friend said she thought he was probably attached to the house. But that got disproven just three weeks ago. 

I was out and about, and ended up at the library. I was going to get some books for my term paper on psychology (yes, I’m a punk studying psychology. Ironic, ain't it?) and ended up in a quiet corner of the nonfiction section no one really goes in.

I was just pulling books off the shelf when I distinctly felt someone’s hand graze the back of my neck, and I kind of jumped and turned around, almost dropping the book I held. I managed not to though. Then I saw him again, standing down by the end of the bookcase just staring at me.

I managed this time to keep my wits about me because I was more used to it now, and said “Wer bist du?” or “Who are you?” He mouthed something at me, but I can barely lip-read English, much less German as I assume he would be using. Then he turned and kind of half-floated, half-walked away through the bookcase. 

Haven’t seen him since, but I honestly expect to at this point in the stage. So yeah, that’s my experience with a very odd ghost.

Story Credit: Derek, Minnesota.


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