Before I became disabled, I worked for the state as a Dept. of Children's Services case manager. At that time, services were located in several different buildings. The last year I was there, all the services in the central county and surrounding 11 counties were consolidated but at the time this happened, there were four offices housing the various services provided.

I worked in a small one that was very loose as far as security which meant that I often worked hours past quitting time and many times I was the only one left in the office. I had been working in this particular building for about two years when this happened.

I had always heard about the weird noises at night that others had experienced but since the building was quite old, about sixty-five or so years old, I just figured it was the character of an older place and nothing paranormal.

While I am a believer in the supernatural, I am still very skeptical when hearing of such reports as I know how easily they can be fabricated. The night this happened, I had a deadline the next morning and was worried that I wouldn't be able to finish my work on time so I opted to stay late.

I thought it would only be a couple of hours and would have company as there were always a few workers doing the same, but due to a computer glitch, which the state network was notorious for, I ended up having to redo an entire 13 page document from the beginning.

The workday normally ended at 430 pm and had the glitch not occurred I would have been out of there by 6 pm, plenty of time to leave with other workers, but I remember looking at the time on the computer and noting that it was already 7:30 pm and I was still working.

I had finally finished entering the last field and had started printing the document when it started. The first thing was that I heard the "noisy" toilet flush. Our office had four bathrooms. All were for both sexes except for the back hallway ones.

The men's was in the very back hallway and the women's was in the same area but in the beginning of the hallway. The other bathrooms were in the most random areas and either you couldn't hear them flush from my office or you couldn't tell which ones may have been flushed.

The back ones however, were very close to my office as I was the last office before the back hallway. This building's offices had been placed on a large square grid but had been added to throughout the years resulting in three main hallways.

So I was getting ready to go get the document off the printer that serviced my office, the back printer just off the back hallway, when I heard the back women's toilet flush. I was actually pretty happy since it meant I wasn't there alone after all.

I went to the printer which was just two offices down from the bathroom. I didn't hear anything else so I called out, "Hey, so I'm not the only other night owl, huh?" No answer. I figured they had already made it back into the back corner. (Note: off the back hallway was a section of the office that used to be part of a doctor's office and had swinging doors that separated that area from ours.)

This building had served numerous other purposes before our dept. took it over. This area held our psych examiner and our school support services and the staff tended to remain somewhat separate from us case managers.

So I returned to my office and looked over the document. I made a few changes and was printing off the corrected pages when I heard the bathroom door shut. It was a heavy door on a spring closure so it was a very familiar sound.

I sort of chuckled to myself that someone must have some stomach difficulties that night and went to get the corrected pages from the printer. While I was in the printer room I again heard the toilet flush. This time, and I hate to admit that I am getting very spooked while typing as I remember this, I stepped into the hallway immediately to tell whoever it was that I had a veritable medicine chest in my office if they needed anything.

Again, no answer. This time I walked around the corner to that very bathroom to discover the lights off, the door propped open as it usually was due to it being so heavy, and no activity in the toilet meaning no swirling water.

I walked the few feet to the swinging doors to discover no lights on, no computer glowing, nothing. That separate corner enjoyed a back entrance/exit and I quickly pushed through the door to the parking lot only to see nothing.

No cars were visible as I was parked in the very front and this parking section was on the side. After inspection, I found I was the only car in the entire tiny lot. Luckily, we had all been equipped with a master key that opened all the entrance doors so I was able to get back into the building quickly.

I promptly gathered what I had printed and shut my computer down. Just as a matter of assuring myself of what I already knew deep down, I made a very quick walk throughout the entire office only to confirm that there was no other person in that office.

I'll be perfectly honest, it was all I could do to make my way to the front to sign out of the office logbook without literally running. The next morning, I was desperate to tell someone I trusted what had happened but at the same time I was worried I would sound completely paranoid or worse, just plain crazy.

The front desk receptionist, I'll call her MJ, had been there since that office had opened so I decided to ask her if there had been any "supernatural" occurrences there. To my surprise, she was eager to let me know that there had been countless reports of strange happenings there.

I listened intently especially when she relayed the "bathroom haunting". She could have been reading my thoughts when she told me about the many accounts that sounded just like what I had experienced. Of course, she told me, it was to be expected considering the history of the building.

It should be noted that this building is directly across the street from the very busy county hospital. Turns out, beginning around the start of WWII, this building served as the county morgue for approximately 35 years until the county hospital was added onto and the new morgue became located in the basement of the hospital.

This is documented history for this building that I have since verified. I'm not sure how exactly this plays into what I experienced but all I know for sure is that after that night, I made sure that I was never alone when working after hours again.



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