Alexandria and Sapphire's Haunting

It all started at our old complex.The first sign was that we went through light-bulbs like crazy.

My brother, "Willie" was living with us at the time. Anyway, he would always play video games in the living room and I was asleep with all three kids.

Willie said he heard some noise in the kitchen. My brother called out my name. Only there was no answer.

Willie stopped his game and told his buddies on Xbox Live, "gotta go". He walked over to the hallway and noticed my bedroom light was off...which meant we were alseep. He then went over to the kitchen and no one was there. I was informed of this and thought nothing of it.

Furthermore everything was fine after that for about a month. I was at home with my daughter Sapphire, she was only 1 years old at the time. I was sweeping the home and the restroom lights went on and then off.

I looked up in fear and noticed my daughter, Sapphire looking up at something but, nothing was there. I, on the other hand, blew it off. Everything was fine for a few weeks after that.

I had a friend come visit on the weekend to have some coffee and gossup.The youngest,Sapphire, would be playing with her toys and watching tv.

While I was visiting my good friend, Karen, in the kitchen.

Out of no where, Sapphire started screaming out loud and crying out! I got up and ran out to her with my friend. From a distance, I had seen her running down the hall and looking back but nothing was there.

After that, everything was fine about a week. My eldest daughter, Angel went too the ladies room with her sister, Sapphire.

When suddenly my eldest daughter came to inform me and was afraid. Angel told me that as they left the ladies room she turned and waved bye. Nothing was there. Yet again, everything was fine after that, until my good friend came to visit again.

Sapphire screamed out again.We ran down the hall and my eldest daughter's  door locked on us. Sapphire came out of my bedroom, Thank God!

Sapphire was fine. Anyway, we thought someone was on the otherside because the knob twisted.

When the door opened, nothing was there. Too make the story short, my daughter Sapphire can see them and I can't. I only can sense it in my apartment and see shadows from the corners of my eyes. I was informed of this by a fortune teller that we had an extra sense. Now, this fortune teller wanted to help us but I didnt believe her and the price for help? "no way".

Plus we live on tight budget. So it gets crazier, maybe I am wrong to do what I do. I love my kids and of course im going too try too fight it...I am their mother! 

I went to confront it and yes I was afraid. I prayed and asked,"God", to give strength. I chanted and called it, poltergeist!

I think it's gone but I'm not certain. I think is still could be here.

I know that they we were all getting scratch marks. Now they're not. I tried to do an exocisim and saw this beast in my eyes. All I can think of is that it's hiding within us now because it knows I'm trying to run it out of here for the sake of Sapphire and the grace of God!

Story credit: Angel, TX


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