Am I Being Haunted?

Am I Being Haunted?

A few months back, Zoila, Nayelli, and I played with the ouija board. We met a women named Anna (Ana) and I honestly don't remember saying goodbye. A few weeks later, I found myself doing the "Charlie Charlie" game with Nayelli and another guy named Octavio.

This is where it gets weird, I was in my house alone with my 2 year-old nephew, he was sleeping, suddenly, he gets up with his eyes closed and opens the door and says "Come in, Ana.". And I freak, I grab him and close the door.

Not only that, but the next day i was in the house alone, still, and I was with the same nephew. We were watching a movie called "Jeepers Creepers 2" and suddenly, he walks towards the closet and I hear whistling.

I didn't think much of it because I thought it was the movie. Then, I walk my dog, my nephew and I down my street with my friend and I hear the same whistling, I ask her if she hears it and she said "Hear what?" I said "The whistling!", she says "No." I felt like I was going crazy.

Today, I am at my friends house and we were explaining to each other about our ghostly encounters and then his bathroom door opens and we got knives (for protection purposes) and walk by it and no one was there. I am freaked out, someone please help!

Story credit: Jaclyn Vasquez | California.


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