Black Eyed Children Encounters

Black Eyed Children Encounters

Black eyed children has become one of the most spoken about paranormal events in recent years. Many say they approach people in the night while looking distressed and very distant.

They are socially awkward and you would be able to tell there is something strange about them.

You won't be able to identify what exactly is wrong with the young teenagers until you look them in the eyes. Their eyes are pure black with no pupils or iris. There is no white in their eyes at all and are certain to creep you out.

However, the most terrifying thing about them is that they always seem to need help of some sort and they will attempt to enter your house, tent, car or wherever it is that your personal space is at that exact moment.

Since 1988, the stories of these paranormal figures have been the highlight in many local urban legends. Due to the media and internet, the stories have went viral hitting a huge widespread audience.

There have been multiple reports of black eyed children over recent years and there is a huge amount of fear around the topic. The most mysterious thing about it is that we still can't decipher what they are exactly.

Are they demons, aliens, ghosts or humans? Most people who have encountered them don't ask for a photo and try to forget about the encounter it is hard to gain any information about who they are and what they want.

After reading theories on them and hearing about some of the encounters, it seems as though the golden rule if you come across them is to refuse their requests. They will be persistent but just keep refusing to help them and if you are home, lock your doors and windows.

Here are some black eyed children encounters to make you aware of their existence and hopefully educate you a little more about them.

Black Eyed Children Sightings:

The first encounter recorded has been named "The beginning" and took place in 1988. Two pre-teens approached a man named Brian Bethel who wanted him to give them a ride home just outside a movie theater.

Bethel understandably thought the situation was bizarre and felt extreme fear while looking into their eyes. They sounded like adults and became angry after Bethel refused to help them. As they got more aggressive Bethel started his car an drove away as fast as he could.

The camping encounter is another major encounter which involved a man spending the weekend camping by the beach in a very remote location. He was getting his fire ready for the cold night ahead and was approached by two young teens asking if they could sleep in his tent at night.

The man felt uncomfortable as he had been alone in the woods for hours and then of course he saw their eyes. All he could do was run back into his tent where he spent the rest of the night being begged by the strange creatures to let them in.

A very recent encounter took place in 2009 when a marine residing in Camp LeJeune received visitors. They were two small kids with the notorious black eyes. He was currently living in the camp's barracks and decided to stay inside for the night.

He heard a knock at the door and answered expecting his room-mates. However it was two strange kids with black eyes walking towards him trying to get in his home. He refused to let them in and they kept banging on the windows and door all night long.

In the morning he asked around to see if there were any witnesses but nobody else reported the incident. Why were there any kids in a military base in the middle of the night?

One young man broke the golden rule of refusing to help the creatures and he got the fright of his life. He had two children with black eyes at his door asking to come in and use the bathroom.

The man simply let them in to go to the toilet but then he noticed their eyes and they said they were here to collect him. The man claims he then felt drowsy as if he was losing his soul so he ran straight out of the house and climbed over the fence in his yard.

When he returned, they had gone.  

These are just a few of the black eyed children encounters and all have similar stories. Each time the creatures seem to demand help and act as if they are distressed. If you refuse they will become aggressive and keep calling out for help. Just stay calm, refuse to help them and get out of there!

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