At the time this event occurred I was living with my Dad and Stepmother.

I also have a baby sister named Gabby. An older brother who was 15 at the time named Christian and a dog. My father was not home at the time, but my stepmom was, so was my little sister who slept with my stepmom, Dena.

Christian and I slept upstairs in the loft; there were three floors of my house. We started noticing that Gabby would talk to her imaginary friend named Bobby. Gabby was only two, so she didn't know many words.

We know nobody by the name of Bobby at all, so we were all very curious as to why she was saying that name. Gabby would not sleep nor go in her room, and the dog would constantly bark at nothing.

One night when my dad was working the night shift, my sister, Dena, Christian, and I were home. Dena went to sleep with Gabby and shut the door, so it was just my brother and I.

We both heard something slam from two floors down, so we walk to the 2nd floor and look down the stairs. Our dad was not home, and nobody was down there, but we found the bathroom light on and the door open as well as the front door and the garage door.

Around 3 AM my brother wakes me up yelling at me to turn my light on because he saw a shadow figure staring right at him about four feet away. Later that day, Gabby would say, when asked who Bobby was:

"Bobby was from the bottom of the sea".

Later that weekend I go home to see my real mother with my brother Christian, and I tell her about the name Bobby and if it sounded familiar?

Her response was "the only Bobby I can think of is a guy that worked in the fire company with me and your dad but he passed away a while ago, and he didn't exactly like your dad at all".

Me, now more curious to whom she was talking about, I described to her what the shadow man looked like and she said "that's weird because that is what Bobby looked like'.

The description of the shadow man was tall, bald, and a bit on the fat side. Considering it happened at 3 am and every night since then I jolt up out of a deep sleep exactly at 3:01 am. That is weird and mind-blowing.

If you have any questions on know of any connections to what happened to my family and I, leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

STORY CREDIT: Alexa | Pennsylvania.


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