Call my Name

It was a quite night on October 4th of the year 2009, two days after the death of my aunt and the night of my birthday. I was alone in my room, dozing off in my bed when something woke me up.

It was someone calling my name by the window, now this window is the window behind me which is overlooking the kitchen which is below my room.

I didn't think much of it the first time and brushed it off as nothing, as i was about to doze off, I heard it again, someone was definitely calling my name but something was off with the voice, it sounded like it came from a deep hole.

Being me, i decided to wait if someone was going to call my name again. But This time, all of a sudden i felt my stomach drop, the left side of my head felt heavy and i just froze, i couldn't move then someone spoke right by my left ear calling my name.

I freaked out, willing myself to move and then something hit me, my deceased aunt made a promise that she' ll be well for my birthday and the voice that was calling my name sounded like my aunt's. Next thing i knew i was running out of the house to my grandpa's.

Story Credit: Anabelle, Philippines. 


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