Soo, this is the third time that this is happening but this one stood out more to me. It happened last night not sure of the time, I was on my chair trying to get in a really comfortable position then i finally found it facing the wall.

I was already in a deep sleep really tired from that day then all of a sudden i felt like this cat just hop on the chair where my feet was and yes i say it was a cat because I actually have cats of my own so i know how it feels when they hop on a bed/chair and those who own cats as well knows what im talking about , but my cats are outside so that did cause me to wake up but some thing was wrong i couldn't move my body my eyes i could move though and i was like "oh no here we go again".

And just when i think it couldn't get any weirder the "cat" seem to be over me just staring not laying on top of me but over me just staring i guess. i was really freaked out but already use to it i guess.I tired everything to get up i tried screaming nothing came out its easier if you just try to move smaller things like your fingers first and what i also realized that if you finally get out of it and go right back to sleep it will happen again..i also read other people's story and im actually curious to see what you happen if i keep letting it go farther. Any thoughts on all of this?

Story Credit: Bonnie_Rabbit, Antigua.

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