Chapter 5: Faceless


(Excerpt from my book "Clairvoyant: A Chronicle of Paranormal Events" on Amazon for under $5).

A year had passed and my family had once again moved a couple more times, eventually we ended up in a different part of Cincinnati that was once again close to downtown.
This part of the city was a somewhat congested area, many hills and streets that ran up and down.
I was now seventeen years old, a dropout, and was working at a pizza restaurant not far from where I lived.
The store had a high turn around rate but offered quick advancement for those who could stick it out, as I did, and was promoted in a very short time.

The house we moved into was large, two stories, brown bricked and sat on top of a hill like most houses on the street.

There was a large retaining wall that held the front yard in place which was about four feet above the level of the street.

The driveway was crumbling apart and in disrepair and the backyard was just a small plot with an old weathered deck taking up most the area.

Random pieces of trash were laying here and there amid the grass, lots of old random things were under the back deck.

Inside the house there were three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, the first floor had a kitchen, dining room/study and a living room. The basement also had three bedrooms and a bathroom, but was not finished.

The basement floor had some cracks, painted gray and there were steel support posts placed at random, holding up the first floor.

The ceiling was bare, no drywall and revealed many cobwebs along with electrical wiring and plumbing. 

When time went on since moving, my Mother would mention shadows she would see at night and the feeling of something weighing down on her chest while sleeping, making it difficult at times for her to breathe.

Sometimes, when I was alone in certain areas, I would feel a lingering presence, like something was watching me from the shadows.

I had been drinking alcohol on a regular basis off and on when living there, I really was starting to get a problem with that.

I was depressed and had not been praying everyday as I used to and one day I had been laying down and closed my eyes and could see a man with a glow about him. 

He had a beard and shone bright like a star, darkness surrounded him he was at a bit of a distance and it seemed like the more I tried to reach out to him the farther he went away.

To me this was a sign that I had strayed away from God and now there was a growing separation between us.

The next day passed and it was at night, in the middle of the summer and my mother was the only one who was awake and was downstairs on the computer.

I shared a room with my little brother who was sound asleep in his bed on the other side of the room. There was no door and the hallway that was upstairs ended at our room.

The light was off but the hallway cast in a lot of light on my side, enough for me to sit and read despite the other half of the room being dark.

It was about 11pm and I was wide awake reading a piece of a newspaper that was an issue from the morning before. I put the paper down and began meditating, trying to focus on the energy around me.

I turned my head and looked out into the hallway and noticed some movement on
the carpeted floor.

A silhouette of something was rising up incrementally through the floor, It was clear but had a lining of a figure.

I sat there in disbelief and completely stunned not knowing if this was real or not. The figure kept rising up as if he were walking up an imaginary staircase from under the floor.

Looking at the lining around the figure I could see that it was tall and wearing a hat.

Whatever it was finished climbing up the stairs that weren't there─or at least that I couldn't see─and started walking towards me and paused.

It suddenly turned and was about to walk into my sisters room that was in the middle of the hallway.

I then yelled “Hey!” at the figure and suddenly could see its head jerk and turn straight to my direction.

I got the feeling it was shocked I could see it. There was a bright flash and then my whole world instantly got dark.

There I was, lying on my back but now in the middle of the room facing the wall. Although my head was laying flat on the floor, I turned my eyes to what was in front of me; there he was standing there.

This time he wasn't just a silhouette, I could see him clearly now. It was a tall man, wearing a khaki colored suit with a black tie and white starched dress shirt underneath. 

He had on some fancy dress shoes that were a light brown and wore white gloves. The hat he had was a fedora that was crimped on the top and short brimmed with a black sash around the top.

It reminded me of the hats the gangsters in the thirties wore from the old photos or movies I had seen about prohibition.

The thing that stands out most to me was the fact that he had no face. The room was dark around him and where his face would be it was just a darker shade of the darkness. 

He stood there motionless, white gloved hands at his side. I stared into the void of this being with absolute horror. I started to struggle, yet to no avail, I was paralyzed and unable to choose my fate.

Then amid my struggling, my spirit seemed to be separating from my body, I was slowly floating upwards and as I drifted further the room got darker and I could see the presence of what looked like flames emitting from around this being.

The higher I went the more flames I could see. Still, motionless this Demon stood awaiting my approach. The flames, like brush strokes upon a dark canvas, danced about this being.

I cannot describe the amount of dread I felt; I lost all hope. The struggle I was making was futile, I stopped and then the thought came into my head that I am going to Hell and this thing is taking me.

Once I believed that eternal damnation was my ultimate destiny, I made a plea to God. “Please.. Jesus, save me!” I pleaded. 

And with that I sank back into my body and there was a flash of light again. This all happened instantly. I was back to normal and was now laying in the middle of the room where somehow I had ended up.

I immediately ran downstairs and went straight to my mother who was walking away from the computer in the den, and off to the kitchen. “Mom!” I said excitedly.

 “Shhh.. people are sleeping.. what?” she said looking at me with concern. “You would not believe what had just happened to me...

There was this thing I saw and I floated out of my body and...” I said to her with a shaky voice.

 I went on to tell the story and my Mom just gave me a strange look as if I was high or was hallucinating on something. She dismissed the whole thing as if I was just dreaming.

I went back upstairs reluctantly, sat back down and couldn't sleep the rest of the night...

Author credit: Stefan F, OH. 


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