Come With Me, Slave

Something felt odd all day, As I was replying to story's on another site, I felt I was being watched, but not the way I normally feel it, I feel that all the time.

My PC was crashing in between replies, I had to rewrite things it was getting annoying, The lights would flicker just before the the PC died. My PC doesn't play up often. But I'm not one to give up easy, so I just restarted the pc and started the reply again. 

I went to bed 20/3/2015 after replying to things on a website, It was 5:20am when I laid down, It takes me an hour or more each night to get to sleep I've been like this for most of my life. I had the lights off in the dark corners of my room  when they came forward, The shades around me that I see each night, but I felt the energy was different in the room this time.

I looked at them there was only three this time, I have seen up to a dozen at one time around my bed just watching me, They lean in so close I can't even see thru them at times,  As I say most nights Piss off you, know you don't scare me. 

I laid there watching them for about 15 minutes, they look at me and leaned in close as they do, I feel their chill and tell them to back off. I was watching the clock, I was still not tired, I put the radio on hoping it would help, I had just closed my eyes but still wide awake listening to the radio when I felt an evil chill about me.

My hair stood up even under the blanket. Then Right next to my ear I heard it,



I was shocked to say the least I see things on a daily basis, But it's rare I hear voices from them, I sat up in bed, Looked around the room. It was 5:50am, The other shades had backed off into the corners.

There was another bigger than the others,  It was the Shade that follows me, I think the others fear Him/IT. I could feel it looking at me as I looked at IT, I composed myself I could almost hear it laughing at me. I put my personal protections up ( chi shield ) and said I'm no ones Slave leave me.

Feeling them still there not knowing what they would try next I stayed awake. I laid awake till light started to seep in thru to window then I slept.

Story credit: E V, Victoria.

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