Creepy Ghost in my Bed

Creepy Ghost in my Bed

Last week I was woken up to something trying to hold my hand. I thought it was my boyfriend beside me but when I felt the bed covers, I realized there was a space between us! I panicked and called out his name to wake him.

Entirely freaked out! I somehow managed to fall back asleep and woke up with this ghost thing whispering weird stuff into my left ear! I felt a numbness around me as if I couldn't move ! But I started to fight it and repeated a prayer in my mind that enabled me to get up and turn the light on.

When I did so, I walked over to my bedroom door and said "Whoever you are, Get Out" my boyfriend startled, said "Are you psycho?" and I started to cry because I know what I felt was real. I woke up in the morning with a pain all over the left side of my head, around my temples and ear.

To this day I still feel the pain. The room next to us is his daughters and she visits on weekends. She also has had bad experiences of seeing shadows above her, moving her toys in the air! She's even slept beside us because she was too scared to sleep alone in that room.

That room has a sort of musty and old smell to it. Almost like rotten eggs or something that died! I have cleaned her room many times and the smell is still present. We have even tried sage incense and it went quiet for a while but kept returning!

Sometimes when I forget my keys and assume my boyfriend is home but isn't  I can hear footsteps walking toward the door and see shadows from the peep hole. It's scary and there's more to it but it's too much to type right now!

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