Curse of the Ouija Board or Just a Coincidence

Curse of the Ouija Board or Just a Coincidence

My uncle and auntie used a Ouija board to predict the trifecta winner of a horse race. They bet on this race and won the Trifecta. However, within a year, my auntie had a blood clot in her neck occur. The ambulance was phoned for.

The ambulance did not show up and another ambulance was called. As a result she acquired a brain injury and after 12 years her body shut down and she died. 6 months before she died my uncle is diagnosed with a brain tumor and then also shortly after, diagnosed with lung cancer and dies 5 months after his wife.

No possession but a lot of bad luck. I know Ouija is dangerous and know of a house burning down after someone else used a Ouija board where the fire hydrant had no water when the fire fighters tried to put out the fire.

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