Hello, it's Dan from Knight Time Paranormal, and I have a very intense paranormal story to share with you.  There's a place in Wilder, Kentucky called Bobby Mackey's Music World (also called “Hell's Gate” or “The Portal to Hell”).

It's a very famous location in the paranormal world due to the entities that reside there. The story I'm about to tell you occurred during an investigation that Knight Time Paranormal conducted in 2014. 

I apologize for being slightly unprofessional here, but I'm honestly not sure how to begin telling this story because of how extreme it was. So I guess I'll just tell you what happened. 

Myself, Mike (co-founder of Knight Time Paranormal and one of my closest friends), and Jason (an outstanding paranormal sensitive and good friend of mine) were about halfway through our investigation when we decided to send one of us to do a solo vigil in the basement.  

We had been told (warned) by multiple people that several demonic entities (I think the term ‘creatures’ is more accurate) reside in the basement and that it can be dangerous to venture there alone. For whatever reason, we ignored these warnings and Jason volunteered himself. I was uneasy but confident because Jason is an experienced sensitive (despite being only 16) and he knows what he's doing, but everyone has a limit.  

Mike and I wished Jason luck, and he went down into the basement. I immediately noticed that the whole building seemed to come alive with energy. A dark and evil feeling filled the area. I knew exactly what it was. 

For about half an hour, everything was going fine. Mike and I did a short Spirit Box session and were able to get some intelligent responses. A few other paranormal things happened, but we didn't pay much attention to them because, after all, we were sitting inside one of the most haunted establishments in the United States.

And then, very strange things began happening. Then, all Hell broke loose. Both Mike and I were badly startled by a loud scream and banging noises (that rattled the table where we were sitting) coming from the basement.

I remember immediately thinking that it sounded like someone was being beaten. We flew out of our chairs and as we ran to where Jason was, we were horrified to see him hovering off the ground and pressed against the wall by an unseen force. I could see black figures with deep red eyes scurrying around the room and I immediately took out my crucifix and ordered the demons to leave (note that I almost never use my crucifix or other religious emblems because they can contaminate compelling evidence and I only use it if someone's life is in danger).

Jason slid (more like fell) to the ground and we ran over to him to make sure he was okay. I feared that the amount of energy and concussive force had killed him. Luckily, he was still alive and breathing. It took him quite a while to recover, and once he was able to stand up, we got the hell out of that evil, demonic area and decided that we needed to end our investigation before something worse happened. We packed up much faster than usual and eventually found a small chapel where we stayed the rest of the night. Needless to say, none of us slept that night. 

As I'm writing this story, I'm almost shaking because of how horrific the experience was. Jason, (days later) told us that just before he was lifted off the ground, he heard the darkest and most evil growl he'd ever heard in his life and then a large black figure rushed toward him, and its hands, which were burning hot, wrapped around his neck. 

Knight Time Paranormal hasn't returned to Bobby Mackey's since then, and Jason swears that he will never go near that place again. He even told me that he knows that whatever picked him up off the ground wanted him to die and that if he ever went back, it would kill him. Mike and I have considered it but if we decide to go back, it won't be for many years. It isn't that I'm afraid of what is inside.

I have no fear of the demonic because of my faith in God, and I know that I am and will be protected. But the demonic is something that is not to be trifled with. Demons can physically harm you, possess you, and kill you. They can do things that no human being is capable of doing. I may or may not return someday, but I'm not sure. 

Hopefully this story will emphasize the point that if a building is known to house demons, don't go alone.



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