Demon Haunting

Demon Haunting

About 10-11 months ago. My son who is about 9 started talking to someone. I did not think too much about it until about 5 weeks ago Oct 2014. He was having a conversation with someone.

It kind of spooked me to be quite frank. I went into his room, of course no one there and said "who are you talking too". He said "Just my imaginary friend".

I told him he was too old to be talking to imaginary friends and he needs to stop it. I said "I mean it, it needs to stop". He started to cry. He told me he was lonely, this was his friend. I never asked who his friend was. I just thought it was kids being kids. He slept in my room that night and in fact ever since.

A couple of days later. I needed to go into the attic. It is one of those pull a string and pull down the folded ladder. Ladder folds in three. Went up in the attic. Could not find what I wanted.

Came back down the ladder. I could not get it back up. It was resisting me. Pushing against it. So I got another ladder struggled for ages to get it back up but it would not budge. The attic ladder was folded completely, it was nearly up but it would not close. It truly was resisting me.

Then it shot out unfolded and threw me off the other ladder. I was an absolute mess. Ended up in Urgent care. Accidents happen right?. No I did not feel anything unusual. It was what it was. So I thought.

We a few weeks later, had gone into a brand new, newly built restaurant, a sushi place down the street. My son wanted to use the rest room. He did he came running out with eyes like circles.

Chin wobbling and in tears. Telling me something really cold had tried to grab him. His arm did feel below temperature but as a Mum, I just told him it was probably just the AC and not to worry. I did sign the tab and got out of there quick.

That night once again, my son started talking to his friend. I won't mention its name as it turns out, it was a Demon. I told him to stop. My son said once again he was lonely. I once again told him, he had so many friends, why was he lonely. That he was too old to have imaginary friends. Then I felt really weird.

This dense, heavy nastiness came over me. I call it the ICK feeling. Yes I got pretty mad. I knew what it was. Not to the extent at the time but I knew what it was. My son and I salted the house. Windows, doors. Opened up anything that could be opened up. We opened up. I opened one salt line to the back door.

Then I started smudging. Telling this thing to get out. My sons room, a drawer slammed shut. I opened it back up. I was really mad and I was not scared until later, I know that sounds a bit strange but I really was not scared. Went through the whole of my house, doing the same ritual. I am a natural medium.

I have done this plenty of times. Not once has anything threatened me like this one. My closet is a walk in closet. Smudging that was amazing. All the beautiful squiggles. I could not even tell you how many there was. They was too many to count. Started smudging my living room and kitchen.

One of the lights in the living room started to flicker on and off. Kind of gave the right spooky feeling I guess. Got to the back door. My son is with me the whole time. To the back door we go. My son then said "the demons name" I will not repeat. Never say aloud a demon's name. NEVER.

My son then bursts into tears "I don't want too" he said. I said what? He then told me that it wanted my son to punch me in the throat. So now this thing is telling my son to punch me in my throat. My son is a good boy. Also has natural abilities. Very sensitive. Would not hurt a soul.

That is when I got nasty. There was not just this entity, the nasty one but there was a couple of others. The others just left. This one though had an attitude and wanted to hurt me. Had hurt me previously.

Everything started adding up. It did leave eventually. Covered the salt line. We then smudged ourselves outside. Then did the salt solution on my son and myself. The nasty has gone. Peace at last right. A few banging's in the attic but I did not smudge up there. I am not going back up there with a police escort lol. 

So guess what... I was painting in my bathroom, this past weekend. Putting my house up on the market. I needed to get up on a ladder but something in my gut told me not too. This was just Saturday. 15th Nov 2014. I will just finish it later, I thought to myself. When my son can hold the ladder.

There are some very tricky spots up there. So I put everything away and just got exhausted, it was if all my energy left my body. I went to lay down. Then I heard a slide and a crash. I got up. My cat is on alert. Hair raised. Go into the bathroom. Nothing has changed.

My cat then walked very cautiously to the closet. Yes the same closet with all the squiggles. My gun case, yes with a gun in it had miraculously jumped out of the gun bag on the top shelf. It was now laying on the floor. The bag was still on shelf. 
One more thing. The light that was flickering on and off then went out completely after the smudge.

A few days later I went to change it. I screwed it one way then the other. It came on. Not had a problem since with it. 
Yes I know I am a natural medium.

I also know how to protect myself and my home. I even pray every night for God's GOOD angels to come down and protect my son, I have now including myself. Something is not right here. I can not wait to move. Thanks for listening to my story. xx

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