Demonic Attack

Demonic Attack

It all started three years ago after my ex girlfriend and I split after a five year relationship. 

I was quite lost, and felt like a fish out of water. I was searching for something to fill that empty gap in my heart, something I could focus on in order to get back on track. And back into the real world, instead of moping around every day.

And that something was guided meditation, I packed my bags and went to live with a group of people seeking that same spark of enlightenment I was. This particular encampment was run by Guru Narzeme, A beautiful hearted man from New Delhi teaching his techniques here in Australia. 

I will spare you the details of what happened those two months in the rain forest, lets just say I was twenty kilograms lighter and felt like a new man.

When I returned home, jobless of course. I needed to pay the pile of bills sitting on the kitchen table my house mate had been collecting for me. So feeling very confident in my new found spiritual life, I decided to teach guided meditation to selected clientele.

And without tooting my own horn...I was good, I was very good. In some strange way I felt like a drug dealer. People were hooked on the sensations, and places I was taking them and were coming back for more. And the deeper I took them the more intense the experience was for them. 

I myself gained the ability of astral projection. I could fly over my city, and even into space. I was communicating with spirit guides who were giving me insane information about life, and the construct of dimensions.

Now I understand this sounds like the babbling of a mad man, but I assure you this is real. And it was my life at the time.

One night I was deep in meditation, I was in another realm were I was walking through an ancient forest. This place was so beautiful trying to explain it would do it no justice. But all I say is it was old, I mean thousands of years old.

As I was taking my time walking the old cobble stone path I could sense I was being watched, at first I didn't mind. But soon I was catching glimpses of tall black figures hiding and moving from tree to tree.

Then I knew I was in trouble, and soon I got the overwhelming sense of fear and dread. I was very scared, I was in another place, another time, another space. And I was alone and surrounded by this incredible evil. 

Suddenly I was split in two, me soul was trapped between our dimension and the other realm. When I say split in two what I mean is I was aware of both place at the same time. I was experiencing both incidence in both worlds at the same time.

Soon the dark ones closed in on me, it was like trying to breath under a blanket. the dark figures became one, one dark thick energy, and it was all around me while I laid on the hard stone path. The thick mass was pinning me down, and I could feel my energy being sucked from my physical and spiritual body's.

I was laying in bed in a coma like state, and I could not move a muscle all had control of was my eyes. All I could do was look desperately around the room. And thats when I saw it. One of the tall figures was in my bedroom, it was standing in the corner staring at me.

I can not explain the fear that filled me, my heart was beating so hard my eardrums were pulsating from the pressure. I was struggling desperately in the other world to get this mass off me so I could get back to my body.

But It was impossible, the more I tried, the tighter harder thicker the entity became. In the meantime I was staring at my intruder, all I could think of doing was praying to God. And that's what I did, as soon as I started to pray the demonic being leapt into my body, I stopped praying as I tried to fight this thing on an internal level.

It felt like it was trying to tear my soul out, and like my soul had a mind of its own it clung onto my spine wrapping itself around it. I was becoming so weak after fighting for what felt like half an hour, I was ready to pass out. So in a last ditch effort I prayed again. 

This time I said to the lord, it you save me father, I give my life to you. And friends, he came to me, my dark room was flooded with pure love and light. Instantly the demon was driven out, and my spiritual body was in my physical body again.

I lay there exhausted, thinking about what just happened. I vowed to myself to never practice meditation again. I also vowed to serve the Lord for for my remaining days, in that bed that night I was reborn. And I will forever serve my mighty God.

Anonymous Submission.

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