Did a Ghost Throw a Shoe?

Did a Ghost Throw a Shoe?

Well I don't know how anyone starts this off, but here I go. One evening my cousin Abby and I were sitting on the couch of her mothers home. We had our three dogs in front of us and everyone else was out doing other things.

My fiance(20) and I (19) were baby and house sitting for her while she was out of town. Well anyways we were sitting there alone with all three dogs in front of us and our backs to the hallway which is where I place my shoes while I stay there.

So we were watching "Home", the cute movie with the alien and all of a sudden the dogs froze from playing and their ears stood up. I wasn't thinking anything of it at the time becausey aunt lives in an apartment and there are people that constantly moving around outside.

All of a sudden my cousin Abby jumps forward and yells oh my gosh and my shoe from behind the couch hits me in the side of the face. I turn in shock and see her looking at me with fear in her eyes and I start laughing to ease her down and say "Frank Dugosh get out and go mess with your wife!".

Because when things go a miss and are a little weird we blame my grandpa that had passed away years before we were born. My grandma says he does things like that so we know he's there.

So of course I'm thinking its his presence or what not, and then the dogs go back to playing and being playful with one another I quickly called my grandma and told her to tell her husband to leave us alone.

I was scared when my shoe hit my foot but then I was overwhelmed with calmness and all that! I have more stories to tell so if you like my story let me know and I'll post more stories, thanks for reading!!

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