Did my Baby See A Ghost?

I don't know that this is a "ghost story", but I have recently been dealing with my 2 and a half year old daughter saying she sees a boy in her room. I want to clarify that she does not yet know to call a small boy a boy and a man a man. 

A normal nighttime routine for her is to go to bed after story time around 7p.m., she will then lay in her bed and play with her dolls reading them stories and putting them to bed, and she generally falls asleep around 9.

Two nights ago I did not hear her playing like usual. So I walked up and looked into her room. She was laying in bed with the blanket over her head. She raised her head and sat up and said "mommy, what's that boys name (as she is pointing to the ceiling)?

I asked her what boy? She says "That boy right there, the one looking at me". I said hunny there is no boy right there now please go to sleep. She insists there is a boy on the ceiling looking at her and asks that I please go get her daddy and says that she is scared. 

I went and asked him to go to her room. She tells him the story and they ask the boy to leave her alone and stop scaring her. 

He lays with her for a while then puts her down and she goes to sleep.

The next morning I ask her who she thinks the boy in her room was. She casually tells me that is was her uncle Jacob. She does not have an uncle Jacob by the way. 

That night it starts again. She asks me to ask the boy to leave her alone and continues to insist he is looking at her. I told her to ask him what his name was and what he wants. She does this, and then turns to me and says "mommy he doesn't talk he just likes to fly around and look at me".

So I pray with her and ask that he please leave her alone. She says that he is gone and asks me to please sing her a song. I begin to sing Twinkle little star as she rests her head on my chest. Then she suddenly raises her head and begins to point at the ceiling again saying he is back. This scares me, so I go get her dad.

He then asks her if the boy maybe wants to be her friend and she says "yes he wants to be my friend".

I began looking online for similar stories like this one and I found that many of these times the spirit was a loved one that had passed looking over... So I try an experiment. 

I had a husband that passed away in 2008 suddenly. We had been divorced for 1 month before his passing and had been separated for two years. I have a 13 year old son whom my ex husband called his own.

I decided to show my daughter his picture and ask her if she knows who he is. Her reply floors me.

Her face turns white and she loses any expression and firmly without any hesitation says "yes, that is my uncle Jacob, the boy in my room". For the record my ex husbands name was not Jacob. 

I don't know how to deal with this at all. We pray, I do believe in Jesus and I hope this is an angel watching over her and nothing bad. I want to have her feeling safe and loved at home and not in fear. But how do I determine if this is a good spirit or bad?

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