I always thought it would be cool to see or hear a ghost because I just figured that I would walk away with some awesome evidence. I don't feel that way anymore. When I was 12 or 13 my step dad told me about an old summer camp for First Nations kids that was out along an old highway and it was supposedly haunted.

Even though I was still young I believed in the paranormal for as long as I could remember so hearing about this old house really got my attention. He told me the story of an elderly man named Roger who owned a house on the same property as this summer camp.

Sadly, one day when Roger was putting horse shoes on his youngest horse, he got kicked in the head. He was taken to a hospital but he did survive. He unfortunately suffered some mental illness though. (Sorry I do not know which one.)

Just days after he got home he had a mental breakdown so during the night he killed his wife Sarah in their home. His 14 year old daughter Cynthia managed to run out of the house and make it within feet of the road but he caught her before she could get away.

He brought her back up to the house and he sadly killed her as well. After hearing this story I really wanted to get to this house! My step dad agreed to take me and I had convinced my mom to come with us. The only condition my step dad had was that we would have to go at night. I had no objections.

When the sun had been gone for a few hours the 3 of us drove over. To save time, I'll just come out and say it. I chickened out. See the house is set pretty far back from the road and it is along a highway so it's all woods. To even get close to the house you have to walk up a long trail that is mostly over grown by grass at this point.

I made it up the long trail but even at the end of the trail the property is huge so the house was still out of sight, plus it was extremely dark in the middle of a forest at night. So yes, I was too afraid to actually get close enough to see the house. Now is the time I wish I could say I moved on with my life and forgot about that family. I would just be lying.

So I'm now 18 years old. I moved out of my mom’s place a while ago to a small town 4 hours away but I recently went to visit her. While I was there one night we were just talking about how they think the house they live in now is haunted.

My 2 year old brother even talks to the spirits in the house. As we were just telling stories I thought of the old summer camp for the first time in years. We actually got into a long conversation about it and somehow by the end we all agreed to revisit the house as long as I promised not to back out this time.

I told them that if they could take me during the day I would go. Because to be honest at this point I had seen every single episode of Ghost Adventures so I was 100% convinced that I the made me some kind of expert.     

Going back to the house was exciting all over again. As soon as we got on the gated off land I took my phone out and I kept it out the whole time. At first I was only taking pictures. On the way up to the house I was just taking random shots not really aiming for anything in particular.

When we got up to the house I just felt... I don't know how to describe it but I just felt off. I didn’t feel afraid or threatened just a little strange. Looking back now I can say I felt sort of foggy. It is an average looking sized bungalow styled house with dark brown siding. A large screen porch wraps around the entire main floor while a small balcony is overlooking the property. It was surprisingly smaller than I had thought it would be.     

Because the house is in the middle of nowhere and no longer taken care of, it literally has no floor. The entire first level floor has sunken into the basement with all of the kitchen and living room appliances still intact.

The upstairs level still looked perfectly untouched and because it was in the style of a loft it was easy to see all of it. The porch was very wide so we had a lot of room to walk around just in front of the main entrance.

By now I had started taking videos just asking questions while everyone was silent. I couldn't help but feel a very heavy kind of sadness as I walked around. I did believe in ghosts without a doubt but I just had a hard time thinking that I could feel emotions from them.

I brushed it off not thinking too much of it. I just kept asking questions and staying silent to hopefully get an answer. Nothing too eventful was happening so taking a cautious step I stood in the door frame looking into the old eerie house.

My mom stood behind me holding on to the back of my shirt to secure me. If I would have taken just one more step I would have fallen into the pile of rotten wood beneath me. Together my mom and I asked a few questions.     

We all came to halt when we all heard the sound of footsteps above us. It was heavy, loud thuds just coming from a floor above us. One step, then another, and another. They came to a sudden halt and it was silent again.

Just moments later I swear I heard light, quick paced steps this time as opposed to the previous 3 giant steps just seconds ago. I pieced it together quickly after that. The first steps must have been Roger followed by who I assumed was Sarah or Cynthia.

Things were starting to get exciting but just as quickly as it happened it was silent again. Disappointed, I decided to walk around the porch and towards the back door which was aligned to face the front door. My mom and step dad stayed at the front door so we could all still see each other. I repeated the usual routine.

I would say something, and wait for an answer. I was really feeling uneasy though. Maybe just because I was alone or because I was paranoid but I am willing to swear on my mother’s grave that I felt like I was being watched the entire time I was back there.

The front of the house was slightly overgrown but the back yard was already a forest and I didn't enjoy the feeling of having my back to such an already creepy wood. Whether it was a ghost or just a squirrel I felt a constant pair of eyes on my back for the remainder of the time.

Putting the footsteps and the feeling of being watched aside, it seemed rather uneventful. I just wanted to get back and review my videos to see if I had gotten anything. When we had started walking back to the car the familiar feeling of sadness was back only this time it was a lot stronger. I wanted to burst into tears for no reason at all. My mom and step dad both seemed to be fine so I didn't want to say anything.

I didn't want to sound dramatic or make it seem like I was only looking for attention so I kept quiet just biting my tongue trying to hold back tears. I know that someone followed me home. I don't know who but I didn't feel like myself for the longest time and it was terrifying.

I didn't know if I would ever feel normal again. When I did tell my mom she had me smudged with sage and sweet grass right away. She told me that I needed to acknowledge what happened and that it was a terrible thing but all I could do was wish them well.

After getting home we plugged my phone into a speaker so we could all clearly hear any voices we may have gotten. My plan was to just delete any video that didn't have anything on it. I had taken a total of 14 videos and I couldn't delete any of them.

In all of the videos that I took there was at least one voice in all of them. I swear that I have the voice of a young girl whispering "tell them how I died." I think the scariest part of that was that it was a quiet whisper right into the microphone which means she was right by my side.

The voice that gives me chills every time is a non-human voice saying "don't blame me." This voice was so clear I skipped over it the first time because I was so sure it was one of my parents. We listened to it over and over again and it really doesn’t sound like a man or a woman.

I also have an extremely clear picture of Roger. I can even see what he's wearing. He has on a green shirt, a black jacket, and a black hat. I can see the expression in his face. He's standing on the porch smiling at me. Just watching me with the creepiest smile.    

I don't know what or who was watching me at that house. I don't know if it was Roger or not. I don't know who followed me home making me feel so sad. I also can't even tell you if I fully understand what happened that day. I do know for certain that the property is haunted.

Now that I'm back home I no longer feel sad or feel watched but I will always keep the videos and pictures just to prove to myself that I'm not crazy. I'm not submitting my story for entertainment or for people to think it's a cool ghost story.

I just want to put it out so hopefully someone can help me figure out what happened to me. I hope to never meet Roger again. As for Sarah and Cynthia I only hope they can move on away from that place.


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