As a child my parents always took us to Vicksburg MS on vacation. So when my kids were old enough I couldn't wait to take them. My daughter Elizabeth was around 10 and my son Joey was around 8 when my sister and her son along with mom decided to go.

Joey was a very hard headed kid and very seldom listened to a word I said. So when we decided to visit an old antique shop, Joey went off on his own. That was to be the beginning of an event that would change my way of thinking forever.

This antique store was in an old JC Penny store. The owners were as old as the antiques they sold. Not once the whole time we were in the store did they stop watching tv. Elizabeth got bored and went to sit in the van, mom joined her.

It was at this time I realized Joey was nowhere to be seen. After several minutes of looking and calling him with no success. I ask the old couple if they had seen him. They barely noticed me but said no. I decided to just let go a loud scream and see if he would answer.

I screamed his name and got no response. By this time my sister had gone upstairs to look for him with no luck.  By now I had lost my patients with him. I was ready .to just leave him where ever he was. That's when I saw the stairs leading down into the basement.

It was dark and stinky down there. I had no desire to go down there. My sister joined me on the stairs and called his name. Still no sign of him. I was ready to kill him and started down the stairs. I only made it half way when everything changed. I was overcome with hunger. I had never been this hungry in my life.

The hunger pains almost brought me to my knees. I began to feel sick. I could feel something pulling at me. The smell of death and decay was awful. Somewhere far away I could hear my sister calling me. I was so cold.

Finally I was able to break free and make a mad dash back up the stairs passing my sister as I ran.   At the top of the stairs I turned and looked back. My sister was standing where just seconds ago I stood. She was frozen.

I knew that whatever had gotten me now had her. I screamed her name and she turned to look at me. She was having trouble breaking free of whatever it was. At that moment Joey appeared at the foot of the stairs. He turned and waved at something in the shadows of the basement.

My sister was able to break free and ran up the stairs, followed by a very happy little boy. Joey still smiling walked past me and out the front door. Later at the hotel i asked Joey who he was talking to in the basement. These were his words. "My friend. He told me he knew I liked to fish and showed me some old fishing tackle.

He said he knew a good place to fish. He said he would take me there when he got a new horse. He said that the union soldiers took his." I was in shock. I asked Joey what he looked like and Joey said it was a secret because he would get a whooping if they knew he was there.

I told Joey I would not spank him for being in the basement. "Not me, mama, my friend. That's why I didn't answer you, he was scared you would tell on him."  That night I had a hard time falling asleep. I knew that we had just had a paranormal experience. I knew I would never forget it.

Joey is now 28. He suffers from severe granmal seizures. I would say that what happened in that basement might have been the beginning of a seizure except my sister and I both had our own experience. Joey did not start having true seizures until he was 18.   

Because of the seizures his memory is not good. That's ok because I remember it…that's one vacation I will never forget. 



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