New Orleans! The Bayou! Cemetery Tours!! Witness the devastating effects of Katrina and right on time to watch my son play College Baseball against Loyola University. Then my "guests" entered into my experience. My first experience started when I captured the most beautiful sunset from home plate facing the swampy area where we were playing.

As I looked at the picture I noticed 2 orbs - 1 was quite noticeable as it was a small ball of light in the bottom of the photo. The 2nd was the strobe of light coming from the sun behind the clouds.

Ok, ok, I'll get to the best part. So I checked into The Whitney Hotel located Midtown New Orleans. Rich in history – An old bank that is still in use but is also the Hotel that has been renovated with 9 floors of winding halls leading one to get very confused and turned around, so to speak.

Let me mention, the ENTIRE time I stayed at this Hotel there was not 1 other guest ever spotted by myself or my parents, in fact, the ONLY people you saw were the same 5 employees that all seemed to be interacting amongst themselves in an odd sort of way…they were always there!

One was the "chef" yet never saw 1 person sitting, eating or drinking in the restaurant/bar. These same characters were always "around" out of nowhere. They were eager to share stories of the hurricane, history of the hotel and the architecture and other tidbits of the city. What I thought so peculiar was there was nothing ever mentioned of "ghosts" or hauntings.

I will preface this by saying there was a strong sense of "something" but I could not quite place my finger on what it was exactly.

I finally put it out there and asked "what about ghosts?" The 2 staff members shared a look and stated: "Oh you can say that." They shared hearing silverware falling in the middle of the night, sounds from the hundred-year-old basement and the bank vault closing and locking when no one was around.


I retired to my room, 611, at around 8 pm. I noticed the complete quietness of the floor- again, not one other guest was around. I laid down and fell asleep- approx. 2:13 pm. I became aware of a feeling between my legs as if I had been punched- I was in between sleep and wake and remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me "SOMEONE IS IN THIS ROOM".

I laid there paralyzed as I tried to rationalize what was happening - was there someone in my room? Why isn't the spot where I was hit not as excruciating as it should be? (There was still the feeling but no pain rather a strong pressure feeling. ) Then I felt the most gut wrenching, gut feeling, sick to your stomach feeling begin to rise in me. The feeling that someone was there and this was not going to be good.

MY heart was racing, I was frozen, unable to roll over to look in the direction where I FELT the person was standing. 30 seconds in is when I am now fully aware and awake and scared to death I thought "I need to get control". I can either lay here or take action." At this point, I leaped out of the bed and walked 3 feet to where I FELT the person standing as it was in the direction of the restroom.

It was at this point that I swear there was a figure - see through, dressed in black and white streaks on the face area - IT WASN'T a pleasant presence - this feeling I had was of Sheer TERROR - then it was gone. As I gathered my bearings, slowed my heart and tried to rationalize what I just experienced I felt a sort of calm presence come over me. I laid back down and I instantly fell right back to sleep. I awoke refreshed and wondered why it was so easy for me to fall back to sleep. In the past with nightmares, it's always been difficult, not this time.

I didn't mention this to anyone for a few days but that feeling of complete terror/dread stayed with me~ I returned to work and shared the experience with a co-worker...The fact that it was so REAL and the feelings it caused me is what prompted me to share my experience and hopefully can find others with similar stories so I don't feel like I am "crazy".


Try tapping on one. Let us know how you feel about this article!


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