In the 1950s-60s, Dr. Lauretta Bender of New York’s Creedmoor Hospital began, what she believed to be a revolutionary treatment a (theory) for children with social issues — electroshock therapy. Bender’s methods included interviewing and analyzing a (sensitive child) in front of a large group, then applying a gentle amount of pressure to the child’s head. Supposedly, any child who moved with the pressure was showing early signs of schizophrenia. Dr. L. Benders tried out her Visual Motor Gestalt Test. A Visual Motor Gestalt Test and its Clinical Use on Richard.

The test consists of reproducing nine figures that were, printed on cards. The figures were, derived from the work of the famous, Gestalt psychologistMax Wertheimer. The Bender-Gestalt test, as it is now, often called, was typically among the top five tests used by clinical psychologists. It was, considered, a measure of perceptual motor skills, and perceptual motor development, giving an indication of neurological intactness.

Dr. L. Bender theorized, that by showing provocative images of boy's, to homosexual boys during ECT, they can be cured, and revert, back into being heterosexuals. Underlying the use of this test was Lauretta Bender's false argument and assumption, that a single measure that assesses gestalt could potentially identify brain dysfunction/defects that cause homosexual behaviors in young pre-pubescence boys.

In the past two decades, studies have repeatedly shown that the B-G is not sensitive, nor conclusive, to the identification of brains dynamics, nor homosexuality, or emotional problems. Dr. Benders, scoring system had failed, big time on all fronts, with the said child, Richard B. Rollins. However, what in fact, Dr. Bender’s tests show instead, was that the child before her, was of genius levels, and scored 128 on his IQ tests. Only proving her failures to her collogues. In addition, this did not set well with Dr. Bender, whose intern, tried to take her frustration of failures, out on the child. Moreover, that failed big time as well. Dr. Bender, her self the victim of a misunderstood daunting childhood, makes one wonder.

Dr. L. Bender would travel to Sanatoriums and Asylums through out the States, where she and her associates previously placed groups of young tender boy’s, prior too her visits to perform ECT. 

Dr. Bender, it was said by many, to be being unsympathetic to the children in her care. By the time these barbaric-treatments were shutdown by the state, Dr. L. Bender and her associates had used electroshock therapy on over 100 children, the youngest a girl, age three, Elisabeth died four days after. Dr. Bender made claim to have abandoned the use of ECT in the 1950s. However, it was later discovered, she temporarily started back up in the case of these boys, then ended the practiced after working on the child, Richard.

Then in 1967, Dr. Bender, with two associate Doctors, Dr. Ann Stokes, and Dr. R. Buckman, had taken their new approach and experiments with ECT underground, and preformed this ECT on a small group of unwanted throw-away homosexual boy’s. In hopes, to redirect their homosexual sub-conscious minds, back into being heterosexual. Parapsychologists made claim, that if ECT preformed within their guidelines, and system, right before puberty set in, they would claim success.

However, this group of insane Doctors would soon meet their match. With one exception to the rule: Richard B. Rollins, every sociopath’s worst nightmare. Sociopath’s avoid this one empathetic child at all cost. They are simply no match for him. One highly unusual clairsentient, empathic-child, one who would challenge Dr. Bender and her associates with their (hands on approach) causing them to question everything they learned in parapsychology science, sending all three packing with their tails tucked between their legs. After court ended, his Doctors departed from this child for good. A child, they soon wished they never crossed paths with, a child they should have left alone.

Those of you, who never stepped through the portal of a mental asylum or sanatorium, wish, with all their beings, that they would never ever be subjected for the need to visit one, let alone be placed in one. Even visiting a loved one in one of these sanatoriums makes a person nervous, and out of sorts.

Waverly Hills, a Haunted Sanatorium Credited with Over 64,000 Deaths.

The Waverly Hills is a massive fortress of doom in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Nearly 64,000 deaths have occurred in this hospital, (some say the numbers are much higher) mainly due to a lack of medicines, sanitation, botched surgeries, and contagious diseases such as TB (tuberculosis).  The asylum closed down but reopened later as the Wood Haven Geriatrics Center in 1962. Though closed now, the Waverly Hills reported as being, one of the most haunted sanatoriums in the world.

The Doctors who had hand in this Child's abuse, were suspended to court. In addition, they did their best to destroy all the ECT files on the five boys before the court started trial. However, one file was stolen without the Doctors knowledge before the box of files and papers were destroyed in the outside burn barrel.

A Wood Haven nurse, who had guilt and passion for the child, followed her gut instinct and stole a partial of Richards file, the day before they fired her for not conforming to the Doctors requests, concerning a cover up about Richards treatments and wounds. In addition, this very sensitive and exposing case file, would lay hidden inside a cedar chest for the next fifty years.

Much thanks to our research staff, and the assistance of, Susan Hunter at [email protected] for their efforts in tracking, and finding this Wood Haven Nurse, on July 24th, 2015 and of all places, found on Facebook. The nurse now, a feeble ninety-eight year old, with the help of her daughters, scanned, and emailed us a copy of this file, just five days before her death.

We now have insight into this method of madness, in which these insane Doctors, back in the 1950s were trying to convert homosexual boys over into heterosexual boys’ way of conversion-therapy, way of electrocution.

In addition, what, how the boys were treated, and what happened to the other four boys? Now exposed, this is one of the most, disturbing cases of child abuse and neglect I have ever read. A story full of shame, disgust and mayhem...unprecedented paranormal events long since forgotten. However, many of these files remain hidden from view by the CIA’s archives from prying eyes.

We were able to find bits and pieces of these files on these five boys through the CIA archives. It was a CIA/government experimental trail in ECT that was to be tired out on four young boy’s, concerning homosexuality. Being gay was reason enough for parents to baker-act their little boys back in the 1950, 60s and 70s.

In addition, it was considered a mental defect/disorder, treated worse than murderers, a dark subject matter no one wanted to talk about; it was simply taboo back in the 1950s. In addition, the rich/elite in power, who had homosexual boys of their own, they were desperate for a cure for their sons, and in saving face for themselves in the wealthy and high standings of society.

Dr, Lauretta Bender, Dr. Stokes and Dr. Buckman, working feverishly for such a cure for this mental disorder, all in order to feed their egos.  However, this ECT would soon end with unexpected, horrible results when all four of the young boys later died from brain trauma, long bone fracture and suicide. With the exception of one, a boy named Richard. Doctors in these fields would soon claim; the child to be one of the most intense/extreme (clairsentient empathic) children to ever walk through the office doors of neuropsychiatries, psychohistories, and Paraychology. The child was simply un-treatable.

The child scheduled to endure 5 days and 4 sets of ECT, but only endured 2 days. By his third ECT treatment, August 23rd 10:15am 1967, the experiment came to an abrupt end.

The Doctors decided to (up the current) on this resistant child. Little Richard was heard screaming all the way down on the 1st floor. His screams echoed back up to the 5th floor, carrying over down throughout the hill side. There had been reports of people living in surrounding neighborhoods hearing a child’s echoing screams that morning.

A Jan Craig, and her husband living on Standing Oak Drive, reported hearing a child’s terrifying screams echoing from the direction of the Waverly Hills that morning. According to her watch at 10:37am on August 23rd, 1967. Three men, while playing golf at Bobby Nichol's golf course that very same morning and time...a Charles Harris, called in and reported it to police of him and his buddy’s all hearing a child’s (desperate screams) echoing from the Waverly Hills around 10:40am, 08/23/1967.

Dr. Buckman made the fatal mistake of slapping Richard in the face for spitting-out his rubber mouth guard onto the floor and screaming in a pitch that pierced his eardrums.  Nurse Holland stated; “the Doctors, and male nurse David, all of who were in the ECT room, had witness to the paranormal/poltergeist and events taking place inside that room before their very eyes.”

When Dr. Buckman slapped Richard in the face while still being strapped down, according to sworn statement from Miss Holland, she stated that is when “Richard looked straight into Dr. Buckmans eyes and the feeling in the room changed. The voltage on the ECT was set too high for that little boy, and it caused him some side affects. The child became enraged, his face flushed red, his blood vessels pulsated, his eyes dilated, the Iris in the child’s eyes illuminated with a glow, on and off for brief moments, sweat poured down his face. Foam poured from his mouth, dripping down onto the floor. His right eye, where he had been slapped, began to turn completely black; his hair went from brown to black.

If I had not watched his right eye and hair turn black the way it did, I would not have been able to comprehend such an event could ever be possible. It was that very second when a black shadow flowed up from the north/east corner of the floor, then manifested before us, it was massive, quickly becoming a solid mass, it quickly shrouded the crying child like a blanket. We all noticed the residue of what looked to be a, white-silvery-gray web like silk, flowing from the floor, and now it covered the child.

We all started choking on the overwhelming putrid stench of burnt sulfur, rotting flesh, and bile that filled the room. Then hit with a very deep muffled, rattling voice, it declared/demanded us [GET OUT… GET OUT… LEAVE THE CHILD NOW... GO FROM HIM.] Magazines and papers, glass beakers, everything started flying off the shelves crashing into the walls.”

Nurse Holland was hit in the face with broken glass, fainted, as the others ran out of the treatment room, leaving nurse Holland, behind on the floor beside Richard. Within moments, they rushed back in, placed nurse Holland on a gurney, took her back into the minor surgery room on the fourth floor for evaluations. She had a face full of broken glass, and some bruises. She would be psychically fine, but she would soon realize her mental state of mind, had been greatly affected by this event, she would never be the same as before.

Nurse Holland stated; “the Doctors huddled, in the Chapel, drinking coffee, trying to make scene of what just took place. The child ordered, to be left strapped down alone, wet with urine, and in pain, inside the treatment room, for hours before the Doctors allowed me to take him back to his room and clean him up. And this did not set well with me,” claimed nurse Holland.

Former nurse Holland, in the courtroom stated under oath, that the child Richard, they referred too as "Shadow Eyes": “was in no way responsible for destroying the ECT room of the morning in question, August 23rd, 10:53am, 1967. Because he was still bound under restraints, his arms, his hands, his legs, as he lay on the table during the entire event, and it was physically impossible for the child to throw the glass beakers at us, or anything for that matter, while still strapped tightly down."

Nurse Holland stated; “I felt the child had some type of mental recourse towards these Doctors, who were abusing, and electrocuting him. He was just a child, and he was bound and helpless. The only way he had for reprisal, was to become internally enraged. The child seemed to have some pull or mental persuasion with the entity evolving in the room in the moment that showed and shrouded him inside the treatment room that morning”, 10:54am, August 23rd, 1967.

Miss Holland later claimed: “it seemed to us, that right after Richards 3rd ECT attempt, the child evolved into a (Paranormal-Nightmare) for the Doctors who played God on him, who experimented on him, especially Dr. Buckman for slapping him in the face. In addition, to the male patients who bullied and taunted him, and intended Richard bodily harm. Richard had told me later, after the men had taken me out of the room on that old gurney, that a 2nd floor Nurse, Cathy Gales, came out of nowhere, and rushed straight to his bedside.

The nurse with her long brown hair, her warm loving caring eyes and gentle touch, said to Richard, “I heard your screams down on the second floor baby boy,” as she began petting his head. “I am forbidden to be on the second floor,” she said. She wiped his face down with a cool wet towel, and kissed his forehead. Offered him a sip of cold water, then rushed out of the treatment room, upon hearing approaching fourth floor staff. You can bet this nurse, Cathy Gales will be safe from the creepers scorn. One thing we all noticed, that big black shadow thing, never once bothered or frightened the woman folk.

Moreover, during Richards weeks stay inside the Wood Haven, Nurse Holland and few staff members all stated, “we all had witness to many shadows and orbs that stayed all around the child, especially during the hours of 1:00am until dusk. During the day, wild Crows and doves remained constant on his window ledge.”  Miss Holland had stated, “when Nurse Wilkes, and I headed towards (Shadow Eyes) room to check up on, and tend to him, we both stopped many a time outside his door before we entered.

We had watched many unusual paranormal occurrences around his room. I myself, thought I was hearing children mumbling in Richards room, and we both definitely witnessed these spirits and orbs, that Richard called by name, as they hovered over and darted all around him in his room and hallways. We saw things happen around Richard that we cannot ever explain to the police, reporters, or the state for fear of being laughed at or ridiculed, fear of possibly being baker-acted ourselves. We had never seen so much paranormal activity beforehand; I mean we had the occasional shadows darting about, maybe an orb of light every so often, but nothing like this.

Nurse Wilkes stated:  “the very minute this child walked through the Waverly Hills Sanatorium doors, things changed, the entire building took on a new feeling of sorts, almost as if were alive it’s self. The sounds, smells, air temperature, wind flow, male patients began to turn on one another. The male patients began throwing anything they could get their hands on at the child; they begin verbally attacking the child all through the night, and trying to get their hands on him. One male patient, by the name of Richard Collins, was intent on bringing bodily harm to little Richard.

Shadows, and white orbs were seen everywhere. Nothing… was what it seemed… during that week.

Nighttime hours were the most active around this child. The child’s door ordered locked, and had an extra padlock and chain on it at night, all in-order to keep the child save from the male patients. So, we kept what we had seen, and transpired around Richard to ourselves, and moved on with our jobs and lives the best we could with those daunting, and depressing memories of that week. I pray God will forgive me for my part in the abuse heaped upon little Shadow Eyes.

What the male patients, did to him was horrible; they taunted that child into the late of night, it was terrible. And those outside Doctors should have been arrested, placed into prison to rot, for the brutality and the things they did to those boys, and especially to that little boy child Richard.”

August 25th, 6:00am, 1967, Richard, was released, and ordered off the property ASP. The WHGC administrator, called instructing his guardian the night before to be here at 6:00am sharp to take the child.

The WHGC administrator, Mr. Wilson, stated in his affidavit: “as soon as Richard was completely off the property line, and back on Dixie Highway, everything had gone back to the way it was before. All the male patients’ stopped fighting one another, they stopped screaming in the late of night, and settled back down. The cold drafts of wind left room 418. Not one light flickered on or off at night, no more scary sounds at night. The hot water radiators stopped banging at night. Most usual, that child had a bond, a spiritual mental-connection with animals.

We all had noticed this right from the start, the very minute that boy stepped out of the car, and stood before the building.  Huge flocks of squawking crows, and a variety of birds by the thousands had come out of the woodland, flying around the boy, covering the buildings and tree line. Some landed on his shoulders and head.

Morning doves were a constant, and would roost on the boys’ window ledge the entire week. Some even made their way inside his room. We had unusual amounts of deer’s, squirrels, and rabbits hanging around the buildings out in the open in day-light hours. After the child left the grounds, the birds flew off the buildings, the deer and the rest of the animals went back into the woods where they belonged. That was eerie and unsettling for us all. You just had to be there in person to witness, get a feel for, and understand this bizarre event. His father explained to us: “sir, not to worry, this collecting of birds, and animals, is a common occurrence for the boy. These events began occurring when he was just a toddler, when taken outside.”

Miss Holland stated: “the morning was foggy outside, as the two of us helped place Richard into the back seat of the car. As we headed back inside, we turned around to watch the car drive off; we noticed and watched a large black shadow, follow the car down the driveway. As far as I know, no one ever seen that big black shadow ever again after that morning. The Waverly still had little darting shadows here and there, and the occasional single orb once and a while.”

Dr. White stayed, all others walked away from the WHS, never to return. Dr. Ann Stokes, acting (neuropsychiatries) Dr. Lauretta Bender, Dr. Buckman, stopped all further ECT and lab/clinical testing at Hazel Wood as well, and this child all together. The child was black listed altogether from the field of child neuropsychiatries, psychology, and psychiatry.

The Doctors later concurred, and explained away in court, “that Richards glowing green eyes, and his right eye, and his hair turning black in such a quick manner, was nothing more than a side-affect from the high voltage from his ECT. In addition, the Doctors claimed all his bruises, cuts, and torn rectum, “he did to himself for attention.”  The Doctors involved in this abuse case paid dearly for what they had done to this child and lying under oath. The case came to an abrupt end. The Judge ordered, and sealed this court case with a (full expungement.) Life went on for the child however, not so much so for the Doctors.

Nurse Holland left Kentucky, right after the court case ended, and moved to California. Cathy Gales, the last living WHGC, nurse resides in the Florida Pan handle. The Wood Haven Geriatrics’ ordered closed by the State of Kentucky in 1981. The male nurse, killed in a car crash, just 15 minutes after leaving work from the Wood Haven that day, on I-71 heading home. All three Doctors lives began to crumble and erode, the Doctors died soon after, due to sudden ill health.

Miss Holland decided to try to make contact with shadow eyes, after being estranged for over 50 years for one last conversation before she died. Shadow Eyes, has managed to evade us all, refusing all our interviews, and much like the chameleon, disappearing all together.

The amount of information concerning this child is vast; most is unattainable because of judgment for (full-empungment) and cannot be recovered.

For information concerning this story, you may write to.

Susan Hunter, Administrator & editor

Mason D. Perry. PhDs Parapsychology & Science 

Source for partial information:

Article Credit: Dr. Mason D. Perry.

Read a former nurses-aide first hand experience from within Waverly Hills in regards to Shadow Eyes.


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