This happened about 10 years ago. I was 14 or 15 at the time, and working night shift with my mom delivering papers. I was having a lot of unexplainable things happen to me. One place we delivered to was beside an old park that no one played on anymore, and I always saw a little girl on the swing.

The first time I saw her I was really concerned, she looked no more than 4 or 5 and it was about 2 am. I told my mom but she said no one was there. Just to make sure though mom had me stay in the van and she went to walk through the park. She saw no one.

Fast forward about a month or so, I had gotten very used to seeing this girl. Sometimes on the swing, sometimes walking around. I wanted to know who she was so I did research on the area, nothing. At first she gave off that...innocent lost girl vibe. So I thought maybe she was a missing kid who met a tragic end. So more research, this time missing or murdered children from the whole city, and the towns around it.

Again nothing. Slowly, I started feeling uneasy when I saw her. She no longer felt like a child. She felt...old and something was definitely not right.

I started getting bad headaches every time I saw her. Started getting sick and very weak as well. At one point, I was so weak and dizzy I couldn't stand on my own for almost 2 days. My mom, who is not religious at all, started to get very worried and called a church asking for help. They suggested that we pray and ask God for guidance. In all likelihood, they thought I was a trouble kid making stuff up. Well that didn't do anything things got worse.

One night my headache was so bad I told mom to take me home. I couldn't see it hurt so bad. At the time, we lived about a 5-minute drive from the park. So she drove me home and my brother went to work with her. My sister stayed up to take care of me. Nice cold cloth on my forehead and made sure it was dark and quiet. I finally passed out on the couch and she went upstairs to bed.

Dream time.

What felt like only a few seconds after I fell asleep, I hear a blood-curtailing scream come from my sister’s room. I open my eyes; all the lights were on but I didn't care. Screw the headache, I booked it upstairs to my sister's room. Only I wasn't in my sister’s room. I was in the van, at the park. Confused I look around and see my sister, standing about 10 feet in front of the car.

It started pouring rain so I yell at her to come inside the van. She comes to the passenger side of the van and she’s not my sister anymore. She’s the little girl on the swing. She smiles, looks me dead in the eyes and in the most-evil, sing-song voice I have ever heard, she said "I found you" and starts giggling.

My eyes shoot open. I'm back on my couch, the lights are on so I figure I'd been out for a while. I try to get up for a drink of water and I could not move. I was in a form of sleep paralysis. I think I can hear that evil giggle again and start freaking out trying with all my might to move, to yell, to do anything. Maybe about 30 seconds later (felt a whole lot longer) my mom comes rushing in the door, and I can move again.

I rolled off the couch and screamed and cried. My mom said that ever since she dropped me off she had a bad feeling and just needed to make sure I was okay. It had been about 20min sense she dropped me off. 

I told her about the vivid dream and now my mom was convinced something seriously bad was happening. She called one of our good friends who was a wicken, for help. I’ll call her Jay. Jay said it sounded like something demonic, but not necessarily a demon. She said she would be over within a week. She lived a 12-hour drive away.

The next night, I'm working with mom again. Feeling like crap, but I was too scared to ask to go home again. Much rather sleep in the van, which is exactly what I did. Now what happened next I have no recollection of. My mom said she let me sleep, got out and when she came back I was sitting up smiling at her. She asked me why, and I started to giggle. She told me to stop because it wasn't funny. She said I stopped and looked at her tilted my head smiled and said "I found her, she’s mine now" and started giggling again.

Mom freaked out and started yelling my name. Finally, I came to and asked her why she was yelling at me. I had a headache. Mom called Jay and told her what happened. She hopped on the next flight over. She just called into work. Originally she was going to finish the work week and dive over the weekend.

She did a blessing and smudging of my house and my room. She prayed to the Goddess for protection. She did everything she could think of to protect me. Something worked. I haven't seen or heard this little girl since and I'm happy about it. I still don’t know what exactly she was, demon or evil ghost. Jay won't tell me because she's worried if I know it may re-open its connection to me. As curious as I am about what she/it was, I would rather not know then it happening again.

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