Evil Ghost Encounter

Hi my name is Rita, I had a scary evil encounter with a ghost in 2010. I’ve been renting this house for a month. A boyfriend at the time was staying with me, he saw this too.

This happened in Gibbstown, N.J. A woman had died in the hospital a year prior, I knew her growing up and have been in her house several times. I’m from the same town. It started a week after we moved in. We kept hearing things fall and move.

The first thing that happened was when I was cooking dinner on the stove…I never used the oven while living there. I felt someone standing behind me while cooking. I looked over my shoulder saw a man standing there with a white t-shirt on just like the guy I was dating was wearing.

So as I was talking to him, he disappeared in an instant. I went in the living room and asked him “weren’t you just in the kitchen standing behind me? He said no, I never moved from this chair.

Ok I let it go. was just my imagination. I’ve always seen ghosts but it’s never bothered me. Then we sit down in the kitchen for dinner, eating and talking.

All of a sudden, the oven door kept opening and closing by itself, he and I just looked at it, didn’t say anything just looked at each other and went back to eating.

The next day or so the TV went off. We didn’t know what happened to it just died, so my boyfriend unplugged it. The next say we were sitting in the living room…we used to sell things on e-bay. I was on my laptop working on that.

All of a sudden, the TV comes on. He say I unplugged that, I get up to go see…the plug? It’s on the floor not plugged in.

Now we are getting weirded out. So we have stuff on the counter to take pics of. Just stuff for e-bay, we decided to go out on the back porch to smoke a cig, then we heard the loud crash.

We go in to see what the crash was, we see all the stuff we took pics of were broken, there was a light screwed under the cabinet, well it fell out and broke the stuff we are selling.

Now that light was there for years. How could this happen? The next day, we decided to take a day off from e-bay and just relax.

I locked the back door to the porch both screen and the regular door and went to get a shower.

I’m in the shower. It’s a huge shower. I had a razor on the back end of the shower, nowhere near me. It flies off the shelf and hits me in the butt.

I was startled and just put it back, finished my shower then went to talk with my boyfriend. We wanted to go smoke, the back door and screen door were unlocked and the big door was wide open.

When I got out of the shower it was closed…ok what’s going on here?

We decided to just go to sleep.

The next day, I was doing things and he was out with a friend so I was by myself for a few hours. I like to play games on my phone so I was wide awake. I lay on the floor with a pillow.

About 10 minutes later, I saw a big black shadow, I got scared so I closed my eyes so I thought it would go away.

But that didn’t happened, not even close. I opened my eyes, all of a sudden, it felt like someone jumped on my back and pinned me down. The weight felt heavy, I couldn’t breathe, then something, whatever it was screamed in my ear.

I was terrified. I started crying. Whatever it was left as fast as it made its appearance. I was still alone. I didn’t know what to do I was scared so I called my friend and told her the story.

She says I thought the house was creepy. Well I didn’t feel creeped out at first. But now I want to leave this house!

 My boyfriend finally came back with his friend. He saw the state I was in, saying what happened I told him what accrued.

He was scared too. So that’s my story and yes, it’s very true. I never want to go through anything like that again!

We left that night. Over a months’ time people were moving in and out.  We never heard why as no one would talk about it.

Then I found out recently that after the woman died her family was living there, but couldn’t live there anymore bad things were happening to them, don’t know what happenings but that’s all I needed to know.

That’s the end of my whole story, did anyone ever go through anything like this? I would like to hear from you.

Story credit: Rita M. | Gibbstown, New Jersey.


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