Since I was younger. Everything was fine up until my great grandmother passed away. We had a gate on our porch to stop us kids from falling down the steps. And my grandma hated that gate. She would slam it and everything while she was alive.

We finally took the gate down and after we did that, we heard someone slamming it and that gate open and close. When my parents would go check on it nobody was there and they realized that the gate was already taken down.

My mom's cigarettes and lighters would go missing and then end up back in the same spot. Then when I was maybe 5 or 6 my sister started seeing this little boy and playing tag with him in the middle of the night.

I remember waking up to my dad having to run out of the house to try and catch her. While she was sleeping. She said that the little boy resembles us three children. (My sister who was 9 or 10, my brother who was 7 or 8).

Here's a little bit of information I should have probably mentioned. We lived on a Native American burial ground. Also my mom lost two children both were supposed to be boys. One before my sister and one in between my brother and me.

So when my sister told my mom she we pretty creeped out. This went on for years.  One morning I woke up to my sister in tears. We shared a room at the time. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that there was a woman beside my bed watching me sleep and telling the little boy and my sister she wanted to kill me.

Since then, everything started getting crazy. My sister moved out with my mom a year after this happened because my parents split up. So it was just my dad, my brother, and me in the house. I refused to go in the house alone.

I couldn't even sleep I kept hearing noises and seeing things. I hated it there.  So when I turned 14 I moved to Somers Point, NJ from Eatontown, NJ. My sister and I shared a room again and I couldn't sleep without a light on in the town house.

My sister would wake me up in the middle of the night because she got scared.  We moved out of the town house into an apartment. My sister would see this weird black thing hovering over me and freak out.

It happened only when I was sick, tired or stressed out. Then a year passed and my step dad, mom, and I moved to Neptune, NJ. (I was 15 at the time) I would always get nose bleeds and see things in my room. One night, I woke up to my mom and aunt arguing and got such a bad nose bleed that I got sent to the hospital.   

After that, we moved to Keansburg, NJ. I had a big room upstairs by myself. My best friend would always sleep over and we always got creeped out by the upstairs. We saw weird black masses and heard odd sounds.

One night I was down stairs waiting for my mom to get out of the bathroom and nobody else was awake and my dogs were all asleep. Something pushed me in the kitchen. I got so scared and ran to my bedroom.  

I was now in the smaller bedroom next to the big bedroom because my step brother moved in. Also my cousins were there at the time and I had to keep their cat in my room. The cat would hiss at the wall above my head.

When we were moving to go to Tuckerton, NJ, my best friend was staying the night with me and we heard a loud crash, meanwhile my cousins already moved out so the cat wasn't in the room, I turned on the light and all my boxes were knocked over.

I brought my bed down stairs and slept in the living room until we left the day after hurricane Irene hit.   When we got to our new home, we fell in love with it. A few months after moving in, my room smelled like rotting something it was horrible.

 We changed the carpets and everything and I didn't work. I had just gotten my cat back from my dad and my cat started hissing at the walls and growling. My dogs didn't want to come in my room. And I would wake up with bruises of a hand print and bite marks on me.

The bit marks weren't from my cat because it was actually teeth marks from a person. I always felt like I was being watched. And things kept getting worse. So my mom tried blessing my room. It worked until I painted my room.  

I remember one night I woke up at 3 in the morning sitting straight up in bed and staring at the wall. When I laid back down another hour later I woke up doing the same thing. Three weeks later, I lost my house due to hurricane Sandy. I haven't experienced anything that bad since then but I still hear and see things everywhere I go.


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