Extremely Malicious Entity Haunting our Home

Extremely Malicious Entity Haunting our Home

My parents, brother and sister moved into this house back in August and have been experiencing some paranormal things such as; (going in order as things have happened to the best of my knowledge. They live 5 minutes from me.) heard the ghost or demon whatever it is walk from the hallway into the dining room.

Heard it banging things on the table. My dad started seeing dark shadows. One night my 3 year old son was there spending the night and claims he saw a baby crawling out of my parents room and a woman came running out of my sisters room and looked at my son and said "hold you"?

And he climbed under the table screaming and crying for my dad. (He hasn't been back since). All 4 of them are hearing noises every single day. My mom and sister were home one night by themselves and the next morning my mom gets up and uses the rest room and when she turned the light out the ghost hissed at her.

It was in the hallway closet. It then kicked the closet door by my husband one night when mom had him back there by the closet showing him where she was at when it hissed at her...then it was breathing in my sisters ear.

Dad seen someone walking through their yard. Swore up and down it was my reflection and told me to stop moving and I said I'm not. And he said then move. And said nope its not you but it sure does look like your shirt it's wearing.

Mom had a scratch on her arm that was bleeding one morning when she woke up and a thumbprint bruise above the scratch. The next day she had 3 more scratches down her neck. Then blood on the floor in my sisters bedroom and the laundry room.

My sister had blood on her shirt. she wasn't bleeding and she had a hoodie on but it was only on her shirt. Not the hoodie. Then my brother wakes up with blood on his arm and it looks like 2 skinny fingers wiped it on there.

I've heard it hiss through the phone before. It has also told me to shhh too before. And one night (my eyes could have been playing tricks on me) but one night I thought my sisters door was shutting. They smell rotten smells in certain places of their home sometimes. Weird dreams. They've had 3 people there to cleanse the house. The first one was a preacher. He came and said a prayer and anointed us all because i was there when he came.

And he anointed the door also after he commanded the ghost out. They didn't hear anything after that for about a couple weeks. So they call these 2 women who claim they could rid the house of whatever it was. They claimed to have seen 5. Said that strongest one is in my sisters room. They cleansed the house with prayer and anointed everything commanding the ghosts out.

Then they said they believe they were brought in by a Ouija board and that there might be a portal there inside the home or on the property somewhere. (How would you locate a portal if you dont know where its at??) Then the 3rd time they had a paranormal investigation team come in and they sat up cameras and everything.

They found a lot of movement in my parents room. But they found out it was a girl. A young girl. She was a regular smart ass they said. She said I'm scared. they said why? She said you're rebuking me aren't you? and they said no we're here to tell you that you need to leave. And she said how dare you! They asked her why she was scaring these innocent people and she said I like to.

And said she was jealous because they're alive and she isn't. And said she lives there in the house and they told her no she didn't. And she hid in the hall closet. They got her out of there and she said she was scared of the pipe and they asked her what pipe and she wouldn't answer them.

And then she went into my parents bedroom ad said is that your bed? And that guy said no its not my bed and it isn't yours either. And she said I'm tired. And then she told them she likes the music my dads grandfather clock plays.

To make a long story short they told her to get out and she wouldn't so they went outside and did a sealing prayer to get her out. Everything was alright that night but then the next night they started hearing noises again. And then 2 days after the sealing prayer is when my brother woke up with the blood on his arm.

Plus I think it might follow them sometimes. We've never had a problem in our home with ghosts before. Well our electric has messed up and a baby doll laufgs every time it happens and then we've heard a footstep before in here and my husband claims to have seen some eyes peer into our door like the door came opened and it looked like a pair of eyes and nose but was transparent and didn't look human and then the door closed back.

My dad has also seen eyes. And this morning my mom was either dreaming or really did hear this but a woman's voice was in her ear and said remember these names: Rachel and Sheba. What does this mean?

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

Hi, you definitely have a malicious and evil entity (which you already know). Have you tried smudging the house? Often times, smudging works when other options have not. Have you and your family firmly asked the entities to leave, chances are it won't with as strong as it is.

Submitter replied with:

We've commanded in the blood of Jesus for it to leave. The paranormal team who came smudged the house and it came back. What does the blood and those names mean if you know?
And how do you make it weak? And is there a reason why its scratching my mom and leaving blood on the floors and my brother and sister?

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

It's great that whatever it is gave you names, I definitely recommend as your next step to find out all the information that you can about your property. You can get information on how to do so here:


When researching your location, those names could prove to be useful, you'll want to learn the past tenants that lived there if there were any. I wish I could tell you what the blood meant, it could just be used to cause more fear, evil entities love to feed off of fear.


A must do for you and your family is STAY STRONG, DON'T LET THIS EVIL GET THE BEST OF YOU, It or they want you to be afraid, and want to tear your family apart.You must let it know that that will not happen and that your home is yours and not theirs.


However, do know that in extreme cases such as this, Moving may be your only option. But I'd definitely begin with researching all that you can about your place.

Submitter replied with:

They were there before my family even moved in. They don't know where the portal is located if there is one. My husbands grandma said a boy she knew who lived there had a quija board. And that's what the paranormal group is doing is the research on the home. It's only 42 years old. And a little boy died there.


He was running outside and got shocked on an electric fence that was hooked up to the house box instead of where its supposed to be hooked to. That was years ago.

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

I suggest waiting on the team to get back to you as they'll know what steps to take next since they've been working with you. Has the paranormal team checked the closets, basement, attic, each doorway for a portal? In one of my cases, the portal was located in the doorway going from the living-room to the hallway.
Has anyone tried speaking with the little boy that was killed? (EVPs).

Submitter replied with:

Well they didn't check for portals and the only one that talked was the girl. No one knows who she is. But the little boy has nothing to do with it I don't think.


No one has mentioned him. Just the paranormal team wanted to know if mom dad or any of them knew of any tragedies happening back there and the little boy is the only one they could think of because my husbands grandmother told them about that little boy getting killed.


But about 25 years ago there were satanical cults around that area. Don't know if they might have sacrificed someone and now that person is back wanting revenge or something? Or if the Ouija board may have something to do with it. I'm not sure.

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

Is there any chance that your home could have been used for cult gathering? A Ouija Board sounds more likely in my experiences though. I don't at all recommend using a Ouija Board ever, for any reason and you have not so that's a start.


The time I saw a portal was via camcorder with VHS tape, I only saw it during playback, but this portal was there clear as day. It was blue and had little circles spinning in the middle. Have you tried video recording your home yourself? It may show up that way.


Also, I'm researching the best I can those two names you gave me to see if there are any connections or a significance with any other stories, so far no luck...

Submitter replied with:

So all portals are blue with spinning circles in it? And no none of us believe in using quija boards. I think your just asking for trouble when you use one of those things. It could've been used as a cult gathering. But mom said it was weird. She was waking up because a womans voice whispering in her ear.


This is how she told me it went like this: remember these names (then the voice paused) Rachel and sheeba! And then it was gone. She didmt see anyone or anything. If my mom will let me tomorrow I'll go out thete and take some videos and then replay them.


If I see something out of ordinary is it ok if I send them to you on here for you to help me understand it?


And thank you so much for your help.


The arabical name meaning for sheeba means ghost I seen earlier when I looked it up. But idk how to do deep research so I only searched the meaning of the names. And Rachel is purity in Hebrew. And sheeba means promise or oath in Hebrew.

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

Well in my one experience with a portal that I've actually seen, yes. haha. But no, I know of some other cases (not my own) where the portal was all black or just a hazy vibrating look to it. No one really knows for sure. But if you notice a bright blue hue that's kind of distorted with blue circle (pie charts? spinning inside), you may have found the portal.


Absolutely, this is quite the unique story. Whatever evidence you think you may have found, feel free to pass it along. My goal is to help you and your family to the best of my knowledge.

Submitter replied with:

And not being dumb but do you know a website to where I can get information on the house? I have looked and looked and it just tries making me pay for a little bit of information on the place.

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

Those name meanings an interesting find. Something to ponder on. I'm not too sure of a website, but you can try your local courthouse. Shouldn't have a fee attached to it.

Submitter replied with:

Thank you! Would my phone video camera more than likely pick something up like that? And what do you mean? I'm puzzled on why those names!! Lol. Mom said maybe it was an angel. I said how mom? The arabical meaning for sheeba means ghost. My dad said maybe its just a demon pretending like she's a ghost. Local court house website?

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

You're very welcome. I'm not sure your phone would or not, you could always try, and if they don't work, try another video camera if you have access to one. Well, it's just strange that it gave you names so specific like that.


There's some kind of significance with those two names that they felt important enough to tell you.


I'd work with those names. Keep asking them what or who they are and what they mean. Tell them you don't understand.

Submitter asked:

Could the paranormal group ask that? Because I'm sure my mom wouldn't ask that. She's scared. They all sleep in the living room. Unless my dad is home then mom and dad sleep in their own room.
And their room is where the paranormal group said was the most activity going on. I'm not sure what to get from all of this. Maybe a camera set on record would work better than a phones video recorder?

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

Yes, definitely only do what you're comfortable with. Leave that to the paranormal group. Yeah that's ideal, leave video camera run in one location for awhile/overnight aimed at the doorway of your parents room. See if that catches anything. 

If you'd like to provide me with your town and county, I could find your local courthouse for you. the local court house has deed information and also could research the history of the land that surrounds your property to better understand the situation.

Submitter replied with:

So the address to my parents house you need? And ok I'll have them do that then. Would an hour in each room be ok and then do the overnight one last?

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

Just the town and county. That's a good start. Try for that amount of time.

Submitter replied with:

Town Name.

I, Sean Foster ( replied with:

Ok. I'll see what I can find out. Thanks!...Here's the site for your local courthouse. Link omitted. They have a online listing that dates back to 1985 but to access it, you have to pay...however, deeds can be researched for free at the clerks office.

There is a fee to make copies of the deeds so take a tablet to write information down. The best practice is to find out parcel info, generally located on your property deed if they have it...if not... they should be able to find the information at the clerks office under the name the property is registered to and will go back to the 1800's.

Currently awaiting further information.


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Try tapping on one. Let us know how you feel about this article!


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