Ghost at the Summer Bonfire

In the summer in between 8th grade and freshman year I was at my (at the time) girlfriends house for a bonfire.

I went over a couple hours early to hangout, and we were in her room talking about just random stuff and she gets a really angry and upset look in her face and says in a really stern voice "No. Not now." And the conversation went on like this:

Me- Umm what??
Her- Oh my god sorry I wasn't.. Umm..
Me- What?
Her- You'll think I'm crazy..
Me- Try me.

And she tells me a story of how she can connect with spirits, and of course I didn't believe her so she calls her best friend over and they both explain what it's like and how they can only see orbs of light and feel the hot or cold.

And she explained that in her room there is a child's spirit that will mess with her. At the time I thought they were just messing with me, until later at the bonfire...

We were having a good time but a little bored so someone said that if you light a lighter and it points in a direction without wind that it's a ghost.

Obviously we all want to do it, everyone except my girlfriend and her friend. They are pretty much begging everyone not to do it but I calm her down enough so me and 5 other kids huddle up to block off the wind and spark the lighter.

Nothing happens for a couple seconds and it suddenly points one way and rapidly spins around and pointed right to me and goes out. We all joke around about how I'm possessed but as we were walking to our spots by the fire my girlfriend gets up and almost sprints inside.

Her friend grabs me as I start to go inside too and says that they both saw an orb go around the circle until it was behind me and it just vanished.

I just brushed this off too and went back to the Fire and waited for my girlfriend. I started by sitting a good distance away but felt colder than I should, so I move up. Still cold so I scoot up closer, but I can't get warm.

So I end up sitting about a foot away before my girlfriend texts me to go upstairs. I read it but I didn't feel normal reading it, so I get up to go inside and the friend follows almost stepping on my heels.

They stop me in the living room and start asking me questions I don't even remember but the next thing I knew I was balling my eyes out in her room. Which is really weird cause I don't like to cry for anything. Not because it makes me feel weak but I'd rather help someone then someone help me.

And after that the rest of the summer was good until the 4th of July when I was at her house and she said that there was something very angry at me in the room and it "didn't want me near her". So I went home.

The next day I was biking back from football and was hit by a car that put me in the hospital for 2 weeks. Found out that she sent me a text while I was at practice breaking up with me. And I really would like a point of view from someone that can explain

1. Was there anything paranormal about the bonfire?
2. Were the bonfire and car accident possibly related?
3. Am I just paranoid as f*** and wrong about all of this?

Thank you very much for your responses and if there is anything you don't understand I am sorry, I wrote this high on Adderall at 2am procrastinating a world lit paper.

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