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Three times I have been held and pushed forward in bed and could not move or speak. The first time happened on my Husband’s deceased wife's birthday, which I did not know it was her birthday until I woke him up after and told him what happened & he told me.

It pushed me hard against his back and I had the worst burning in my lower back I have ever felt. It was so awful that I kept screaming for Jesus in my head because I could not speak. The last time, 3rd time, this happened, it burned in my shoulder instead and I forced my eyes as far to the left as possible and I could see a very tall dark shadow figure.

I don't ever feel anything scratching me, yet I always have scabbed scratches on the same spots of my upper back. They are always there and never go away. Also, for the past 3-4 years, I wake up between 3 -3:30 am every single morning & feel restless.

I toss and turn after that for about an hour before I'm able to go back to sleep. And I have 4 cats. They will sit on my bed, then for no reason, they will all stop doing what they were doing and stare at my bedroom door, then they will move their eyes and heads all around the room, all at the same time, as if they all see the same thing but I see nothing.


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