Ghost in my Room

We had just moved into our "new" house. More like our "50 years old" house. I was sitting up in my room with my beagle, watching Lord of the rings. Everything was going pretty well, we'd just spent a week unpacking and I was ready to relax.

I got bored of the movie a and went to turn on something else. All of a sudden, my dog started making this weird growling, whining sort of noise like she was scared but she was trying to protect me. She was backing up, shaking her head with her hackles up, still making that weird noise at the closet. Moments later, I felt something brush against my arm.

I screamed and ran out the door, my dog following me. I told my mom but she didn't believe me. She just told me to go back upstairs and relax. So I did, still unnerved by what happened, but I managed to convince myself that it was just my imagination.

As I was walking up the stairs I heard someone hiss my name. My dog went ballistic, barking, hackles up, running around in circles and even I felt my hair standing on end. I rushed into my room and called my dog but she refused to come in.

I thought, fine, I'll go wait outside until dad gets home. And I did. I will never ever forget this expierience. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. And many things similar to this have happened since.

Anonymous Submission.

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