Today I will tell you a story…a ghost story. This happened was when I was 10 or 12. I lived in Taft, Texas and I went to this church across town. Now this church has been here for a long time. My mom's friend had a secret to tell my mom, of course I secretly listened to their conversation.

When the conversation was over…I was shocked, my mom's friend could see ghosts. I kept it to myself because it was a secret. I was really close to my priest; He was like family to me, I asked him “How do you get rid of ghost?”

He was shocked when I asked him but he taught me anyways. One day at church, my mom's friend acted weird like she saw something. After mass our priest, my mom, brother and I went to go to dinner. My mom told us the secret:  she told us what her friend saw.

She saw a big black figure in the front of the church. We were freaked out. A couple years past and other things had happened like things getting thrown across the room, voices being heard, footsteps, and doors closing.

One day, my family was at CCD. We were closing up and we heard something specifically SAY my name. I’m like…WHAT… and a door opened and then closed. I remembered I knew how to get rid of ghosts because my priest taught me how.

I went in (don’t think I’m making this up) but papers were flying in circles and the desk flipped over my mom got scared. She tried getting me out but she couldn't, as the door was locked.  I kept holy water in my pocket just in case if this kind of thing happened.

I got it out said the words in Latin I guess because it was more powerful then the black figure appeared and I opened the holy water and put it on the figure in the sign of a cross. I can still remember the scream it made like a girl and a monkey and a tiger put together.

Then everything stopped. I opened the door and my mom was glad I was alive we told my priest, he was proud of me. However, about 2 months later we were in church and you probably guessed it, my mom’s friend saw the figure again.

Even to this day, the ghost still roams around the church. If you are there alone in the’re in for a scare.

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