Go Away, I'm Sleeping!

Before you read, I have to apologize for all the mistakes that I made while writing this story. I am still a student and have a lot more to learn.

I am currently living in Vietnam, a country which has the most extra classes in the world (at least that is what I read on the Internet). The reason, in my opinion, is we students do not gain enough knowledge from school classes (each class, or period, in all Vietnamese schools last for only 45 minutes, and the teachers' salary is too little for them to live on) and the exams (such as university entrance exam) require so many skills that textbooks do not mention.

Primary school years are very important as children will learn a lot of primary skills, and if they fail to gain these simple knowledge, they will have a lot difficulties in the long run. Of course, many parents are aware of this, since their children are in the first grade, they have tried to find them good extra classes.

So I did participate in some extra classes. And it was in grade four that I experienced an unbelievable and unforgettable event.

It was a Wednesday morning, as I remember. When I came to the classroom, it was still early, there were only a few friends of mine and the teacher had not come to unlock the door yet (my teacher did not teach in her house but in a room belonging to an old apartment building that laid in a big lane, maybe because her house is not big enough).

So I stood with them on the pavement, waiting and looking at the high houses and shops around.

Then, a black car went into the lane. We just watched it coming without knowing that it would be driven into the pavement where we were standing. In order to avoid being hit, some of us, including me, leaned our back against our classroom window, the others ran further into the lane.

Little did I know that, when I turned my head around to look through the window (our classroom window is made of wood, there were no glasses, only slits), I would encountered a woman's face filled with darkness. At first, I thought that was the face of our teacher, so I told my friends: "The teacher is here". As you can imagine, we ran to the classroom door, only to find that it was still locked.

I was terrified. I told my friends that I saw a woman in the classroom. Two of them said that they saw her too. They also stated that they heard the woman say: "Go away, I'm sleeping!". Many years later, when recalling the event, I thought maybe they were lying, maybe they thought that I made up the story in order to scare friends and they wanted to join. However, I swear that what I am writing is true.

While the frightening still covered us, our teacher came. Of course we told her the story, but she did not believe it, mostly because when opening the door, she found nobody in the room.

That has been my first and only paranormal experience up until now.

Anonymous Submission.


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