God Can't Save You

God Can't Save You

I watched Ghost Hunters my whole life and never actually believed in the paranormal. But when I turned 16 and decided to "play around" with a Ouija board, that all changed. My 2 friends had invited me along to an abandoned college building that was almost in ruins, however stable enough to explore.

After looking around the old place, we settled in the gym to begin the ouija session. After 10 minutes of random letters being spelled out, we finally got something useful. It spelled out "here, hide, fast."

The sound of floorboard squeaks as if they were being walked on quickly followed and then the sound of a piano key being hit down in the basement underneath us. We ran out and went to the car, and reassembled at an old graveyard that is rumored to be haunted by our entire town.

We closed ourselves up in a family burial plot that had a gate around it. We sat down and asked, "are we alone?" The planchette went to "NO." We asked who was with us, and it remained still. However a breeze picked up outside from out of nowhere.

We all kinda laughed, thinking coincidence. But the planchette went to "O Z O Z O Z O." My friend told me to get up, and run to my car. He was being very serious, and his change of mood terrified me.

So I did as I was told and ran to my car and locked the door. I let him in when he got to my car and we drove off to his neighborhood. He explained that he had contact with Zozo before and that it wasn't a joke.

He told me that sometimes he switches the letters to OZ to disguise. By this point I'm terrified and just wanna get home. He placed the ouija board in my backseat and said he'd get it tomorrow. I headed to my house blaring music to keep my mind away from the shadows and noises of the night.

When I got home, I went to get the board, and it wasn't in my backseat. I searched my car and it was nowhere to be found. I called my friend and he said he didn't have it, he for sure had left it in my seat.

Kinda freaked out, I went inside my house and tried going to bed. I woke up several times feeling as if I was being watched in my sleep. I looked out of my window, and my interior lights of my car were on along with my headlights.

I woke up my older brother and told him to please go turn them off because I was scared. He did, and I went back to sleep. After 3 hours of tossing and turning, I got up, and it was just barely daylight outside.

I went to the door, and once again my lights were on. I went out to turn them off, and in my drivers seat there was the the Ouija board. The planchette placed perfectly on top. I gave my friend the board and told him to get rid of it (whether he did or not I don't know).

That night, I went to a movie with some friends. We were talking during the previews, and I said out loud "Oh my god," replying to a picture my friend showed me. I heard this dark, evil whisper that said "God can't save you."

I jumped and asked my friends if they heard that, because it was very loud. None of them did. For weeks I felt watched, and to this day I have never, and will never touch a board again. Zozo is demonic, and powerful. And the board is not a game, it's a portal to a world much more dark than ours.

Story Credit: Allie, Tennessee.


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