My aunt and family lived in a haunted house in Atlanta, GA. It was rumored that a young boy had passed away in the downstairs bedroom. Strange activity happened in that house. Noises were heard in the kitchen, things went missing, and people had their named called when no one was near. It felt like someone was watching you from the upstairs window. 

I often stayed with my aunt, so she was like a second mom to me. My aunt told me of a strange thing she experienced in that house. One day, my little cousin couldn't be found in the house. My aunt looked everywhere.

She finally found my little cousin hiding in the closet. She said she was playing hide and seek with a little boy (She was an only child at the time) and no other children were present that day. 

My aunt had a pair of cockatiels (they were so cute and friendly). My Grandpa got sick and had to stay with my aunt for a while, he loved those birds. He had a hard time walking up and down the stairs and would often stop at the landing to take a break but, was determined every morning to visit with the birds downstairs.

My Grandfather eventually passed away. The night of his funeral, I was staying at my aunt’s house and couldn't sleep. I was lying in bed thinking about grandpa. I heard what seemed like people chatting and moving plates around the kitchen.

I thought I will just get up and join them. When I opened the door and walked into the hallway, I realized everyone was asleep. I was freaked out, I went back to the room and must have dozed off because I had a vivid dream that my grandfather came to see me that night.

He stroked my cheek and motioned that everything was going to be fine. I heard someone walking up or down the stairs and stopped at the landing. I heard the cockatiel birds going crazy downstairs, the noises in the kitchen got louder and louder. Then, all of the sudden, it got quiet......eerie quiet.

I must have gone back to sleep or passed out of fear.  The next day we buried my grandfather. All was quiet in that home from that day forward. Grandpa must have told the spirits in that house they had to go because he was going to look after my aunt and family.

No further activity reported.

STORY CREDIT: Annette | North Carolina.

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